Here is a link from Maggie’s blog which is very interesting
President Obama writes his daily to-do list in the Oval Office:

  • Hug Hillary
  • Hug Michelle
  • Hug Geithner
  • Shake hands with Joe the vice-president guy
  • Orange juice, grits, and jammy toast for breakfast
  • Kill some foreign terrorists
  • Kill some Americans who may be terrorists
  • Wink at Hillary
  • Kiss some corporate ass
  • Kiss some Israeli ass
  • Kiss some Saudi ass
  • Ignore Pakistan
  • Ignore all of Africa
  • Ignore South America
  • Continue ignoring Cuba
  • Threaten Syria
  • Make a decision about some minor something and smile for camera recording event
  • Call the Pope and ask if he has heard from God today
  • Call Pat Robertson and ask if has heard from God tomorrow
  • Smile at Hillary
  • Call Donald Trump’s office; when he comes on the line, laugh and hang up
  • Call Putin and ask for more vodka
  • Order vacation brochures from S. Pacific Islands
  • Do anything to keep Hillary off my ass
  • Lunch salad bar with Boehner; beg if I have to
  • Afternoon golf with P.A.C. chairpersons
  • Evening meal with family if they are around
  • Watch The Jeffersons reruns on TV
  • Catch late Fox News
  • Do a presidential pee, salute and go to bed
  • Lewd suggestions to Michelle and thank God she isn’t Hillary
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An American’s economic opinion


Capitalism as we’ve known it since the late 19th century is finally on its way to collapse. Although the problems began with unrestricted imports of automobiles and electronics to the U.S. in the latter 1960’s by Japan and other nations, the final trigger mechanism for the present decline was put in place with the laissez-faire total governmental deregulation of big business by the Ronald Reagan administration. The G.W. Bush era compounded the problems with its policy of starting unwinnable wars with the purpose of keeping Republicans in office to make sure a huge portion of taxpayer money flowed into the pockets of big business. Much of it could still have been averted in the past few months by having a bit of ballsy leadership in the nations highest political offices. Now that Standards & Poor’s has cut America’s credit rating for the first time ever, the voters will have to empty their pockets to pay for the thoughtless mistakes they made when they went to the polls five times in the first decade of the new millennium. People, you better know whom you are voting for … or against; voting for the lesser of two evils is not the way to govern a nation, but it can quickly send a great country into economic distress. Don’t forget, we the people are the government and the blame and pain lies at the feet and on the shoulders of our individual selves. YOU can do something and you can do it now; send emails showing your displeasure of the partisan shenanigans by government to your elected representatives and senators and to the White House in D.C. Be sure to include your first and last names and zip code on all correspondence. You can demand that each political party present us with real choices for the future of our nation and not just the party-line talking heads they have shoved at us since 1980.

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Go-Go Boots

I see and hear lot a of Neil Young influence in this song.
We had thunder showers overnight; today is warm and unsettled and tomorrow is supposed to be a beauty with temps near 90°F (32.5C).
I was hoping for a government shutdown but our leaders came up with a “compromise” where the Republicans and Tea Baggers get most of what they wanted. our resident president immediately jumped aboard the conservative bandwagon vowing “Americans of different beliefs came together again …”. Obama apparently has no clue as to how much more of our country and its Constitution was sold to special interests. This further assures the legitimacy of the Tea Baggers as the voice of the Republican Party. The hell of it is, the voters don’t seem to care enough to take a careful look at the issues.
Have a great weekend!

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Having a mid-week crises

The greatest blues singer ever!

Up to three inches (76mm) of rain showers through tomorrow evening and then snow tomorrow night. Wouldn’t be so bad if there was some kind of warm-up in the forecast but we have problems getting out of the 50°-60° range. The ground is already fairly saturated from the last rain and snow, and many rivers and creeks are at or near flood level. I suppose I will grin and roll my britches legs up; my long legs make my pants look perpetually too short anyway. Squirrels are busy gathering leaves for nest maintenance; they seem to do so when a stretch of bad weather is about to set in. I haven’t seen any robins for several days; maybe they got pissed about this crappy weather and returned to the sunny shores of Florida.
Things are suspiciously quiet in American politics and national government; obviously something bad worse is about to happen. I suppose all our beautiful and well paid elected leaders are laying low while gasoline, grocery, and medical prices are soaring and thousands of homes are being foreclosed on each month. I know for a fact that they are already planning how they can screw retirees out of any kind of substantial cost of living increase for next year. T’other day, Carolyn came home fuming from the grocery store; she wanted to buy bacon for her baked beans, but a 12 ounce package was $5.00. She scrounged through our freezer and found a pack which she nuked and used. This country needs a revolution but not the corporate controlled kind the Tea Party is stirring up. The first step should be what Robert Reich calls the People’s Party but as yet that particular snake has no head. If that doesn’t work, we must take the nation back by any means at the disposal of the majority of Americans. Maybe the sight of some members of Congress hanging by their heels from lamp posts in the American towns they were elected to represent would be a nice way to begin showing them and their corporate handlers that we mean to restore the United States of America to a form of majority-ruled democracy. There is no rule of law without the consent of the ruled; in times of great danger to the basics of our freedom, the fabric of America must be strengthened and if it requires a militant vendetta against politics as is, then I say “Amen”.
Have a brilliant Wednesday!

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This is the America which most of the world doesn’t see.
This is the America which most Americans don’t want to see.
This my generation’s gift to America’s future.

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