Sneezy, Grumpy, and Dopey


We left home at 7:00am yesterday, met Jerry and Tammie along with Elizabeth and Carroll (Tammie’s parents) in Greeneville. They followed us as Carolyn drove to the airport in Knoxville which is about two hours from our house. We missed two turns even with the GPS; it did not tell us to turn off until we were whizzing by the exit. I don’t like the Tom-Tom GPS as well as I did my antique Garmin. We did get to see a lot of Knoxville via backstreets as the machine guided us back to the straight and narrow.¬† The airport has been newly remodeled and is very nice. It is small compared to big-city airports, having only 10 gates, but it is busy enough with mostly commuter and connecting flights to Atlanta and Charlotte. Due to some kind of foul-up, Keegan had to lay over six hours in Atlanta, but overall, his arrival was only an hour later than planned. It was an exciting moment to see his plane land and then see him come around a corner toward the lobby. When he finally saw us his face split into the grin we have been missing for all these months. He and his dad rode back to Greeneville with us, and we stopped at the restaurant where he worked up until the day he left for basic. His friends were as excited to see him as were his family. We took him to his mom’s house and he stayed there overnight and Carolyn and I finally got home about 4:30pm, both of us dead tired.

Be well, little Libby.


Have a Thursday, my friends.

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Happy grandma


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A man thing

Bristol window mural

The Burger Bar in Bristol has a bit of a legend attached to it. It is said that famous country music artist Hank Williams ate his last meal from the restaurant just a few hours before he died while asleep in the back seat of his Cadillac. Supposedly, his driver stopped at the Burger Bar and bought take-out burgers for the star and himself. I guess the notoriety is a win-lose thing for the bar; on the one hand the legendary singer ate food from there, and on the other hand the legendary singer died after having eaten food from there.

I consider Hank as the male country singer until the likes of Waylon and Willie came along, and I still consider him the all-time best. However, I wish Hank had kept his dick in his pants the day his son, Hank Junior, was sired.
Why does my hearing go away when I yawn? I don’t have much anyway.
I have a theory that concerns men, so if you ladies read this you will probably find it more boring than is my usual stuff. Men, you know how sometimes when we pee it comes out in a double stream and no matter how we try to balance or aim it, one of the streams always hits the edge of the urinal or commode; at times even pooling on the floor. Married men with wives to clean up after them don’t worry about the floor as much as do most single men, but the fascinating part is the two streams. When we have a normal single stream hitting the water, it is pretty blas√© don’t you know. Dull and boring because we have experienced it many thousands of times and when we were drinking beer at our best pace, it felt like a thousand times each day. Now for my little surmise on the double stream. It is my theory that the single stream represents our boring life; sleep, work, eat; on and on. I believe the double stream means there is a coming fork in the road of our lives from which we must blindly choose our path into tomorrow. When the streams are even in flow, it means either way will yield about the same results, but when they are uneven, it means that we must carefully choose our course. The worst of the double streams is where one shoots almost full blast to the target vicinity, but the other sort of dribbles and drips, splashing on the edge of the pot and onto our clothes and shoes and we don’t know it until someone else makes fun of us. That scenario means we should follow our normal course but to be prepared for some minor setbacks. Sometimes and especially after having sex, I spew forth a triple-streamer of which at least one of them will usually end up dripping and dribbling until wetting my pants legs or shoes. Sure, it is only a theory, and I damn sure ain’t going to test it by hanging around public men’s rooms and watching others from the corner of my eye as they take a leak and then with a straight and honest face try to persuade the the double-streamers to write down all that happens to them over the next few days. Justice and science may be blind, but I feel the most blinding outcome from this would be the swollen, black eyes I would carry into the short-term future.


I will be gone most of the day but hope to be home before 3:00pm.


Have a very good Wednesday!

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Winter 2009

Watauga Dam and Lake in Winter

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Hard times

Carolyn is working on a bid to clean a funeral home; I told her at her age, it may be good to get a foot in the door and become accustomed to the place. I suppose you can guess what she told me.
Looks like document spell checkers will soon be obsolete for everyday non-business communications. With the booming popularity of texting and seeing as it has its own version of the English language which for the most part I cannot read, what good is a spell checker? Parallel with texting is instant messaging which uses texting “words” along with misspelled regular words, bad punctuation, and a lot of gibberish. Well, excuse my old fogy ways but I learned to write an evolved form of the English language and not a revolutionized bunch of virtual ink spittle. I have nothing against texting and IM’ing … as long as no one expects me to do it or try to read theirs. In other words, Phooey! Ok, I’m just jealous of you young whipper-snappers, but my thought train just does not ride on the instant communication gratification tracks.
Got the blood work done and made a couple of photos with the Droid camera; haven’t checked them yet. Verizon released the latest version of the Android OS last week. I downloaded it yesterday and had a few problems to begin with but they seem to be gone. The camera now has an on-screen shutter release to go along with the mechanical one. Overall, it seems to be a reasonably faster OS than was the version 2.1.


Yesterday would have been my mother’s 91st birthday …


Have a swell, gee-whizz Tuesday!


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