1%’ers Rule … literally

“What is clear is that members of Congress are getting richer compared not only with the average American worker, but also with other very rich Americans.
The median net worth of members of Congress jumped 15 percent from 2004 to 2010, the net worth of the richest 10 percent of Americans remained essentially flat. For all Americans, median net worth dropped 8 percent, based on inflation-adjusted data from Moody’s Analytics.” ~ excerpted from Dvorak Uncensored.
We are thinking of removing the office from the front bedroom and returning the room to what it is supposed to be; a bedroom. We will have to store much of the living room furniture so that my desk and junk will have room. We darn sure need an extra bedroom; Sammy will be wanting one of his own soon enough.
Have a good weekend!

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Mice, television, and wild, crazy sex

Two mouse-free nights; two nights with no lamp on beside the bed; two nights without “them beady-eyed bastards” (Carolyn’s words) rattling around in the trash can.
I gotta do something about a bedroom TV; SHE is driving me nutty. Carolyn was as happy with the 11 local channels as she was the 200 channels on Directv; but now all she has is Netflix and all she wants to watch there is old-old westerns which she is getting bored with and she is driving me nuttier. Ah, I remember the good old days when her just getting in bed with me provided a full night’s worth of entertainment. Time marches on … and takes no prisoners.
Have a Thursday to remember … in a good way.

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Life is a Gas … don’t strike a match!

As threatened, here is my Sammy post-Christmas update. Our jolly little Elf enjoyed opening his presents; in fact he took more enjoyment from the colorful wrappings than from the presents themselves. He now has two teeth all the way through his gums, therefore there will be no more using my knuckles for further teething. He was a bright spot for all of us on Christmas day.
RA doc appointment went as expected. She said my blood work was showing hardly any signs of RA which is very unusual for someone who has it as bad and has had it long as have I. She claimed the blood was more like a healthy 20 year old man than a decrepit 67 year old geezer. She also had my last heart doc tests and said my heart was like that of a healthy 40 year old man. I have also lost another four pounds in the past four months. All this together is too much encouraging news; must be something wrong somewhere. We wound up talking about my mental health and we both agreed there was much room for improvement in that area. She wrote me a prescription for a different sleeping pill, Ambien, and took me off my Xanax. I still have a order for Xanax tucked away in case of emergency. Maybe the mouse wars will not be so disturbing if the new pill works well.
Carolyn 2; mice 0! No mice disturbed Carolyn last night and she didn’t disturb me.
Have a wise Wednesday, my friends.

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Post-Yule mutters

No internet for most of the day yesterday; somehow my router got hacked and I could not access it to fix it. Took a long time just to figure out the router was ok but had been tampered with.
Have to go to RA doc later today; no wonder I am grouchy.
The Escape is still not fixed; it did good for a few days but is back to the same problem once again.
Both our TV’s are broken; the one in the living room seems to overheat or something and cuts itself off and the one in the bedroom no longer shows our eleven local channels. That leaves us with nothing but Netflix and that is why it was imperative to get the router back into working order; no router = no Netflix. God, I would hate to have Comcast cable TV again. They are the most uncaring and arrogant company I have ever dealt with. I wish Charter had cable out where I live. Our local power board is supposed to have internet plus TV in the near future but I don’t know how near future.
Sammy was over Sunday afternoon and my blahs and blues magically disappeared. I hope to write more about his first Christmas later.
The mouse wars continue.
Have a Tuesday!

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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
by George Wither (1588-1667)

So now is come our joyful feast,
Let every man be jolly;
Each room with ivy leaves is dressed,
And every post with holly.
Though some churls at our mirth repine,
Round your foreheads garlands twine,
Drown sorrow in a cup of wine,
And let us all be merry.

Now all our neighbors’ chimnies smoke,
And Christmas blocks are burning;
Their ovens they with baked meats choke,
And all their spits are turning.
Without the door let sorrow lie,
And if for cold it hap to die,
We’ll bury it in a Christmas pie,
And evermore be merry.

Now every lad is wondrous trim,
And no man minds his labor;
Our lasses have provided them
A bagpipe and a tabor.
Young men and maids, and girls and boys,
Give life to one another’s joys;
And you anon shall by their noise
Perceive that they are merry.

Rank misers now do sparing shun,
Their hall of music soundeth;
And dogs thence with whole shoulders run,
So all things aboundeth.
The country-folk themselves advance,
For crowdy-mutton’s come out of France;
And Jack shall pipe and Jill shall dance,
And all the town be merry.

Ned Swatch hath fetched his bands from pawn,
And all his best apparel;
Brisk Nell hath bought a ruff of lawn
With droppings of the barrel.
And those that hardly all the year
Had bread to eat or rags to wear,
Will have both clothes and dainty fare,
And all the day be merry.

Now poor men to the justices
With capons make their errands;
And if they hap to fail of these,
They plague them with their warrants.
But now they feed them with good cheer,
And what they want they take in beer,
For Christmas comes but once a year,
And then they shall be merry.

Good farmers in the country nurse
The poor, that else were undone;
Some landlords spend their money worse,
On lust and pride at London.
There the roisters they do play,
Drab and dice their land away,
Which may be ours another day;
And therefore let’s be merry.

The client now his suit forbears,
The prisoner’s heart is eased;
The debtor drinks away his cares,
And for the time is pleased.
Though others’ purses be more fat,
Why should we pine or grieve at that;
Hang sorrow, care will kill a cat,
And therefore let’s be merry.

Hark how the wags abroad do call
Each other forth to rambling;
Anon you’ll see them in the hall,
For nuts and apples scrambling;
Hark how the roofs with laughters sound,
Anon they’ll think the house goes round;
For they the cellar’s depths have found,
And there they will be merry.

The wenches with their wassail-bowls
About the streets are singing;
The boys are come to catch the owls,
The wild mare in is bringing.
Our kitchen boy hath broke his box,
And to the dealing of the ox
Our honest neighbors come by flocks,
And here they will be merry.

Now kings and queens poor sheep-cotes have,
And mate with everybody;
The honest now may play the knave,
And wise men play at noddy.
Some youths will now a mumming go,
Some others play at rowland-hoe,
And twenty other gameboys moe;
Because they will be merry.

Then wherefore in these merry days
Should we, I pray, be duller?
No, let us sing some roundelays
To make our mirth the fuller.
And whilst we thus inspired sing,
Let all the streets with echoes ring;
Woods, and hills, and everything
Bear witness we are merry.

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