June the last

Last worsh day in June; this month has gone by like a like a hound-chased ‘coon and now it is treed.

Sammy is having his third birthday party at our house Saturday; he said for me to say “y’all come!”.

Sammy finally has me figured out; he told his granny yesterday that “Papaw’s crazy”. Mason is now  growing a bit taller instead of spreading out. Jaden seems like he is about ready to crawl.

Yesterday was my Bride’s and my fiftieth wedding anniversary.

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This morning while porch sitting I finally saw a honey bee on the white clovers in the yard. One only but I was very thankful for it to be there.

The boys were here yesterday and are present again today. I don’t get much time for net stuff except what they deem necessary: Batman and Thomas the Train.

We need a good soaking rain. Been hot and dry for weeks. I remember last year how the yards and fields stayed lush and green up until frost. Now they are brown and spotty.

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Monday muse

Trying to recuperate from a day with Sammy and Mason. Sammy wasn’t bad but Mason wanted to get into everything and he also wanted to dissect everything. He managed to spill my glass of tea into my lighted keyboard and it no longer functions. I am now using an old one but the keys and letters are small and my eyes are weak.

After they left last evening, Carolyn and I sat on the porch and watched some major thunderstorms just beyond the mountains toward Boone, North Carolina. Didn’t have a camera with me.

Is anyone watching soccer? I don’t know how to play the game nor do I know any of the players which leaves my interest lacking. Shucks, I haven’t watched NBA basketball since Michael Jordan retired.

Seems like Polish politicians are learning the hard way that freedom is not a one-way street. Watch what you say and where you say it, boys.

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Cometh Summer

This morning and for the first time in my life, I awoke with a blonde in my bed. I hope it’s true that blondes have more fun but she’s never been one to kiss and tell so I suppose I’ll never know.

The boys are doing well. Chris and Ashley had a yard sale at our house Saturday and both boys were in the sun most of the day. Sammy is as tan as a beach bum and mason is a shade darker than usual. Jaden is learning to sit alone and is always smiling. Sammy loves to play Batman and Mason likes to watch Thomas The Train on my PC but only if he sits on my lap. Sammy will be three years old in two weeks; where did time go? He is such a big boy now with a soul so gentle. Mason has to dismantle everything including his food. He has talent of a mechanic or engineer.

My eyes are still improving but still cannot stand much bright light.

Solstice is in three more days. I don’t look forward to shorter daylight but at least this year I have had plenty of porch time. My hide is tanned in places and has peeled twice already.

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Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.

This birthday thing is out of control. From now on I will count my existence as scores of years. I am three-score and nine at present and I think that sounds much better than saying that I am sixty-nine years old. Sixty-nine sounds ancient but three-score and nine has a lighter note to it. Besides, saying it in scores instead of continually progressive years should make people stop and think a moment when they hear or read it. Stopping to think is good as long as you don’t do it while driving down the street.  Verily, I will celebrate my next natal anniversary when I become four-score.

My heart doctor summoned me for a checkup which I was supposed to have attended just after my knee surgery last July. He tut-tutted at me and then told me what I already knew; my heart is doing fine for a man three-score and nine years of age. As soon as I left his office I went and ate a huge celebratory cheeseburger and french fries. If you are three-score and nine years old you should have learned over the decades that greasy burgers are good for ones mental health just as ice-cold beer is good for the kidneys.

Do you know me? Do you know that my favorite desert is blackberry dumplings which barely edges out banana pudding or brownies? Do you know my favorite meal is brown soup beans, mashed taters topped with peas, spinach greens, fried country ham with red-eye gravy over biscuits, green onions, and iced tea with a slice of lemon? I’ve been eating such fare for most of three-score and ten years. Heart-healthy grub and fine country cuisine.

Do you know that each evening after leaving the office I go to the kitchen, get a small or medium size tomato, grab the salt shaker and stand at the sink and feast? Now you know.

Title quote by Ludwig van Beethoven.

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