Stormy Weather

We are under tornado watch for another hour or so; could have straight-line winds of 60 mph (96 km/h). I listened to loud winds and rain all night and I look for the electric to fail.
Here is an idea that should put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work: Government and industry working together to put all of the country’s electrical and other utility wiring underground. Stipulate that eighty-percent (negotiable) of the materials and equipment used in the project be manufactured within our borders. Brilliant, Mr. Anderson!

Extra warm weather past two days; snow by Friday.

Have springtime thoughts on this Wednesday!

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Drone on, America

Mark’s blog for today got me thinking again. My weather page has forecast for two weeks however it is only accurate for a few hours at best. We need a sky full of weather drones to go along with government spy drones, marijuana seeking drones, illegal alien hunting drones, agricultural drones, traffic drones, astronomy drones, and whatever else they can think of. Soon, we won’t be able to go outside without carrying special umbrellas to keep crashing drones and pieces of mid-air collision between drones and birds from raining own on us. We will take vacations in supposedly “Drone Free” areas just so we can see the sun in day and stars at night. There are small, personal drones on the market now; technology will rapidly make them cheap enough for all of us to have a few. Why not replace birds with drones. Some painted-on bright colors and a tweet-whistle should cause them to appear somewhat avian-like. Teach them to catch a few gnats and skeeters, have backyard feeders stocked with gasoline so they can refuel, and birds will no longer be needed.
I wonder how our elected leaders will react when We the People begin using tiny drones in much the same way we “need” and use assault weapons? Drones for self defense, drones for target practice, drones for hunting; I think the government would act quickly to make it unlawful for a private citizen to own drones, N.R.A. or not. What is to keep a citizen or set of same from stealing a few drones and flying them from several miles away into the unsuspecting heads of the president or congress members … or anyone? Taxpayers will have to provide those law-making weasels protection. The good part: most elected miscreants will be afraid to appear in the open. Drones, as terrible as their use in killing innocents is, ain’t all bad.

Have a Tuesday!

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Topics of little interest

I’ve got a floater; and eye floater. I’ve had them before but this won’t go away; been jumping around for two weeks. I can blink it away and rub it away but in a few seconds it crawls back in sight. Makes it hard to do this kind of work. Drops don’t remove it and ointment won’t remove it; I feel insanity coming on if something doesn’t make it go away. Aaaaghhh!

Supposed to be 72°F (22.2°C) tomorrow. Wednesday still warm but very high winds and then cold again; the seasons are changing.

I suppose it is an honor to have my photo included in a blog tribute to the movie K-Pax and my favorite actor Kevin Spacey. I would feel honored if my name had been included with the pic. My blue jay is the only non-film photo on the page.

Carolyn mistakenly used my toothbrush again this morning; I’m sure either she or I will  be poisoned. Aaaaghhh!

Have a refulgent Worshday!

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TW-EliTravis and Eli

Sunny and cold today; supposed to be nearly 70°F (21°C) Tuesday but back to normal cold on Thursday. As the saying goes, “a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush”.

Got dry skin in the small of my back; I can reach most of it to scratch and apply lotion but there is one spot along my spine I cannot touch and it is making me crazy.

I finished reading the book Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore: A Novel. It was pretty much a let-down ending. The author built the story around seemingly sinister happenings involving a book cult and ancient printing mysteries but the affair ended undramatically with nothing afoul underfoot or anywhere else. Disappointed I was.

If Obama is a liberal, I wonder what F.D.R. was? I’ll tell you what he was; F. Roosevelt was a president that swore to keep his word to the American people and he stepped on the feet of anyone who tried to prevent him from doing so including those in his own party. He was a man of personal wealth but a president of all the people. All Obama wants to do is “compromise”. He is yet to learn that he cannot compromise with greed and pure meanness; he must stomp on some toes before he can be a successful leader.

Have a good Satidy night and a great Sunday!

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Friday update

We are having freezing rain at the moment; I am blogging before the electric goes off.

Dan Brown has a new Robert Langdon novel coming out in May; it is titled Inferno. Should be a good read.

Waited all day Wednesday for Sammy to come over but he never did; I suppose I will have to buy him a car and help him get his driver’s license. Been a week since I’ve seen him.

With Mark’s help, I finally found Video-Buzz channel for my Roku; I can now easily watch my–and yours–Youtube videos on the big TV. Roku has a humongous bunch of channels that are not listed on the device menu.

Have a monstrously happy Weekend!


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