Wet worms

Little bird

Yesterday was near perfect weather, yet a bit chilly for porch sitting except in direct sunshine. Today is rainy and cooler and robins are working the lawns for earthworms that are attempting to get away from saturated soil; nature has its own catch-22s.
Carolyn is a bit disgusted this morning; she had to raise nearly all her accounts by a few dollars to make up for extra gasoline expenses. Last evening she found out one of them is getting new bids for cleaning. So far one bid has come in and it is $150 per month more than what Carolyn charges. The insult is that she has been cleaning the place since 1995; it is a Fortune 500 trucking company and they, of all businesses, should know how hard fuel prices are hitting America’s vehicular dependent companies, yet small business are expected to carry the brunt of it and not complain. This same company raises their per miles driven fees each time fuel prices go up a few cents. I told Carolyn that with the crappy way her business is going already, and even if she doesn’t lose the place, she should immediately raise them $100 per month and tell them if they don’t like it they can take a flying fuck at the moon!
The huge forsythia at the end of the front porch is in full bloom, but since the heavy snow of winter-before-last smashed it down and spread it out, it is just not as pretty. If I had any idea we would be living here in another year, I would cut it down and allow it to regrow all new shoots; they would bloom next spring and in a few years it would again be beautiful. It has not made a new shoot since the big snow worked it over. It was a large, mature bush when we got it in 1995 and was the first landscape item we bought for the yard.
Wednesday; the weekly day of transition. Have a good one!

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Having a mid-week crises

The greatest blues singer ever!

Up to three inches (76mm) of rain showers through tomorrow evening and then snow tomorrow night. Wouldn’t be so bad if there was some kind of warm-up in the forecast but we have problems getting out of the 50°-60° range. The ground is already fairly saturated from the last rain and snow, and many rivers and creeks are at or near flood level. I suppose I will grin and roll my britches legs up; my long legs make my pants look perpetually too short anyway. Squirrels are busy gathering leaves for nest maintenance; they seem to do so when a stretch of bad weather is about to set in. I haven’t seen any robins for several days; maybe they got pissed about this crappy weather and returned to the sunny shores of Florida.
Things are suspiciously quiet in American politics and national government; obviously something bad worse is about to happen. I suppose all our beautiful and well paid elected leaders are laying low while gasoline, grocery, and medical prices are soaring and thousands of homes are being foreclosed on each month. I know for a fact that they are already planning how they can screw retirees out of any kind of substantial cost of living increase for next year. T’other day, Carolyn came home fuming from the grocery store; she wanted to buy bacon for her baked beans, but a 12 ounce package was $5.00. She scrounged through our freezer and found a pack which she nuked and used. This country needs a revolution but not the corporate controlled kind the Tea Party is stirring up. The first step should be what Robert Reich calls the People’s Party but as yet that particular snake has no head. If that doesn’t work, we must take the nation back by any means at the disposal of the majority of Americans. Maybe the sight of some members of Congress hanging by their heels from lamp posts in the American towns they were elected to represent would be a nice way to begin showing them and their corporate handlers that we mean to restore the United States of America to a form of majority-ruled democracy. There is no rule of law without the consent of the ruled; in times of great danger to the basics of our freedom, the fabric of America must be strengthened and if it requires a militant vendetta against politics as is, then I say “Amen”.
Have a brilliant Wednesday!

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This is the America which most of the world doesn’t see.
This is the America which most Americans don’t want to see.
This my generation’s gift to America’s future.

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“Don’t be fooled.”

Seasons change

I agree with Mark; this “wiki-leaks” thing is fascinating. Like Chinese emperors of old, the knee jerk media which these days includes the likes of our governments, Facebook, Twitter, and others have decided it is best to kill the messenger who bears bad news instead of stopping the bad news from happening. Also, huge corporate money industries are kissing up to bad government and censoring or refusing to serve the right of the people to know; fair usage is fair only when it is in their favor. Yesterday, MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal were hit with denial of service attacks just like Wiki-leaks was previously attacked. “Freedom” is becoming less free each day we as citizens of democratic countries sit on our collective hands and do not let our “representatives” know that too much is more than enough.
My report card for lame duck President Barack Obama:

  • Economy … D
  • Health care … D-
  • Iraq … B-
  • Afghanistan … D
  • Wall Street … F
  • Taxes … F
  • North Korea … C
  • Iran … C
  • Foreign Policy … C+
  • U.S. Infrastructure … B-
  • Dealing with Congress … F
  • Overall Leadership … F

“… I want you to understand what real change is. Don’t be fooled. Real change means saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Real change isn’t about fitting the politics of the moment.”
~ Barack Obama campaigning against Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party presidential nomination, March 1, 2008.
I cannot grade our Congress as I cannot find a rating below abysmal failure.
My blogs have been getting some hits from Nigeria; interesting. Folks, whomever you are, I am very happy to have you looking in and I hope you will make many return visits to enjoy my views of life in the USA. However, I do not know the whereabouts of Dick Cheney but if I did I would do just about anything to see that he faces due justice in your great nation. I hope you have your own version of Gitmo.
Have a Thursday, dear friends.


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“War is a poor chisel to carve out tomorrow.”

Fleeting moments

Has President Obama fallen to the Dark Side of the Force? Nay! He has crawled below the Dark Side all the way to the Tea-Bag bottom. He wants to freeze the pay of all Federal workers, less Congress, of course. He is taking a step backward toward a deeper recession than what we now have. Mr. President, create jobs. Jobs will pull the nation out of the economic slump and into declining deficits; it is a win-win scenario. Alas, I fear it is now too late; you have fallen completely into the clutches of political absurdity from which there is no return. Sir, you are bordering on making George W. Bush look like a genius statesman. You and your Democrat Congress had two years to do something positive, yet you allowed the hardest right-wing Republicans to dictate the fortunes of our nation. You promised us better than this and you owe us better than this. Well, you can always resort to what has worked in the past; get us and the world into a bully big war. We can hope that our creditor countries are whipped by the countries who owe us and that our National Phoenix will once more arise from mankind’s oldest malady. That’s what war is good for.

“Naturally the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
~Herman Goering, Adolph Hitler’s second in command and head of the Nazi Luftwaffe.
Friend Kevin says he is on the mend from a severe bout of pneumonia. Don’t rush things, Kevin; the worst thing that can happen is a relapse. You have many caring friends sending healing vibes to you.
I suppose that beginning sometime in July, you can append great-grandpa to the long list of things I’ve been called over the years. Ashley found out she is pregnant. She seems to be very happy but anxious; a few years ago they found pre-cancerous lesions on her uterus and she did not think she would be able to become pregnant.

The person whom is happiest is Carolyn; she has been on cloud nine since she heard. For myself, it is just another day in a long life. You do believe that, don’t you?
I downloaded a voice recorder app for my Droid only to find out I still cannot sing!
Title quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Have a Tom Terrific Tuesday!

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