Shaking the family tree

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Not a lot happening in my corner of the universe. I’ve had recurring bellyache and nausea for about a week but it seems to lessen its discomfort each time it hits. Winter is refusing to go away. Do you remember last year when spring came at least least two weeks early?

I reposted the photo so I could name names. The little boy in the dress on the left is Claude Shipley, grandson of Elizabeth (Liza) Jane Oliver who is holding him. Liza was also my g.grandmother. Beside Liza is her daughter–my grandmother’s sister–Elizabeth (Liz) Phillips. Next is the new bride–my grandmother–Julia Ada Oliver Phillips and beside her is the new husband and my grandfather, Joseph Alexander Phillips. AllĀ  the clothing worn by the child and the ladies was homemade by them, including my grandmother’s wedding dress and hat. I well knew each of these people except little Claude who died at age seven in 1921. Memories of my grandfather are few because he died a month prior to my fourth birthday. Claude’s, Liza’s, and Liz’s clothes were most likely made from flour sacks.

Have a good evening, my friends.

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I missed …

Damn, I missed the Daytona 500 race.
Damn, I missed the Oscars.
No … I didn’t miss seeing them at all.

If any of you visit and notice it is a bit slow (at times, a lot slow), don’t leave in a huff. Things are being worked on and changes are being made. When version two comes online, it will be worth the wait.

Speaking of Megashot, Maggie oversees one of my favorite communities titled Butterflies are free. Please stop by and take a look at all the flying flowers she has collected and is still collecting. If you are not a member of Megashot, joining is free and easy. Maggie’s community has a very good discussion group and forum about the colorful critters. Be sure to drop in and share the nectar.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s ObamaDrone! Phooey!

Hope you’ve had a great Worshday!

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My parents and my first wife

Get ready for it folks. Being dead means being dead even if happens by mistake in your front yard.

I know the talking heads on MSNBC are trying to at least shed some light of truth of Fox News Channel’s perverted view of the world, but that doesn’t mean they should rubber-stamp everything President Obama says and does. Wrong is wrong no matter which side of the political world you are supporting.

Mason is coming over today but Sammy is with his granddad Rollins. Hope Mason stays awake so I can get him started on rock ‘n roll.

I am almost over the stomach flu of the past few days; I even felt like shaving this morning … and I did shave, too. My bride is also feeling better.

Have a good final week of February!

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Carolyn and I have been sick with an intestinal bug since Wednesday evening. Neither of us could get out of bed yesterday except that hard-head went out and cleaned a few buildings last night. She paid dearly for being so unwise. We are feeling better today but she isn’t as tough as am I.

I looked at some of my old postings from 2006 ad 2007 on Blogspot/Loose Laces. Lots of readers from those days have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another but some of you are still hanging with me. One thing for sure, the quality of what I write now is not near as good as it was then. I began blogging to be able to keep producing when I was having writer’s block on my short stories. I suppose aging and a couple years of mental depression have changed me; I have lost a lot of the spark that a person needs to do any kind of decent output. I sincerely appreciate you guys whom have stood by me.

Have a great weekend!

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Easter dinner

When I was a kid, my Easters were mostly non-religious. My mama said that the communion was a thing of the heart and soul and should always be in the back of our minds. Where we went to church, each Sunday morning service was was ended by the Communion. However, she did like to buy me and herself each an outfit of new spring clothing which we wore on Easter Sunday; I suppose that was Dot’s Easter religion. While we were at church, many more of our clan were gathering at grandma’s house for a big dinner. Grandma, always an early riser, was up by 3:30am to start the day’s food preparations. Her day began by building a fire in the living room fireplace and then doing the same in the kitchen cook stove. She then donned a coat and used the outdoor facilities which were on the hilltop back of the house. When Dot and I got home from church at about 12:30pm, the food was generally ready, the table was taken up by men-folk, women were serving, and kids grabbed a plate and, if the weather was good, went outside to the porch to eat. In bad weather, which we had most of the Easters I remember from those days, kids were sprawled all over the living room floor while they ate and made a mess. After the meal was finished–women ate last–the entire crowd would gather inside or outside and the reminiscing about Easters past would begin. Men talked men talk and smoked and women (according to the men) gossiped. I couldn’t tell much difference between the two. Sooner or later, Jim Butler would go to his car and retrieve his guitar and a couple of hours of picking and grinning would ensue. If we were trapped inside by bad weather, kids had no choice but to endure but if we were outside, we scattered into small groups as far away from the adults as possible. Where ever we were, we managed to hide our colored Easter eggs and then tried to find those of the other kids. Many of the family would leave for home or other amusements as the afternoon dragged on, but a few would stay for supper which was leftovers usually served with fresh bread at around 4:00pm. My day normally ended by accompanying Dot back to church no matter how hard I plead to stay home “just this one time”.

Have a Tuesday!

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