The Outback


Take a look at these ’70s duds.

Before you ask, No, I did Not!

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Ain’t it funny how time just slips away

Somewhen, Summer awaits ...

Jeremy didn’t come in for Christmas; the weather is too iffy. We miss him and Courtney and Remy and Bubba. We miss Keegan a lot, too; it is Dec. 26th in Japan, and we hope he is safe.
Snowing in East Tennessee; a rare but always lovely occurrence on Christmas Day.
Carolyn has been cooking for a couple of hours already; I smell the pot roast broiling in the oven. For desert, she is making banana pudding.
Be well, Dear Friends.


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Merry Christmas

Yep, I am a hipocrite!

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Sorely shot

Tammy's Millie

I got my shot today, but I am too sore to write much.

The photo is of Tammy’s Millie, she is blind in the eye facing the camera, and it is obvious that she is well fed. Thanks, Tammy; she is a lovely lady.

In case I am too sore to write for awhile:

Merry Christmas, my Friends!

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Length of Day:
9h 41m
Tomorrow will be 0m 0s shorter

Eye of the Storm



One ingredient I forgot to include for chili is water, however I prefer using beer for the last couple of “waterings”. The alcohol will evaporate but the taste of the hops will remain; you can fool yourself into a hangover.


Mark sent me an email last evening asking if I was planning to see the lunar eclipse. I set an alarm on the Droid to wake me up, which it did, but the sky was overcast and no moon to be seen. I bet the dark side of the moon was really dark during earth’s shadowing. I’ve seen several lunar eclipses in the past,  the best one was when a bunch of us were camping at Watauga Lake back in the day.
Carolyn is off to store to buy her beef for Christmas pot roast and fixings to make more dressing; I never get enough of the dressing. She makes it just as did my grandmother and mother; delicious with any meal, and very good with cranberry sauce. We have many mouths to feed and that is one thing I like about Christmas; all the family can get together and fight instead of doing it over the phone and by email.
Hopefully the weather will hold so Jeremy, Courtney, Remy, and Bubba can get here, but the forecast is not promising.
Happy Solstice, my friends!!!
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