Breaking bad, breaking good

Saturday night we watched the final two episodes of Breaking Bad TV series. After sixty-two shows I am still confused about a few things but I have to admit the overall series was very good if you discount the unneeded fluff of soap opera-like situations. For sure, the producers could not have found a better song to close the show and end the life of Walter White. No matter where you are if you ever have the chance to see this series, I recommend you do so.

I hope Sandy and family are okay after the earthquake near them. It did a lot of damage in and around the Napa Valley. Speaking of Sandy, I wish her a belated but happy birthday.

Spider Papaw

I bought Sammy a Spider Man bicycle and helmet last week and posted this photo on Ashley’s Facebook wall. As soon as Sammy saw it he made his mom come to my house and get it.

Latest photo of Jaden

Latest photo of Jaden

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Going back

I think we all need an Island to ‘go back to’ …

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Breaking Amore

Another birthday has come and gone and I suppose this is the first time I really feel the years on my body. Carolyn drove me to the Nolichucky river valley and into the mountains Saturday; it was a very good gift to get out of the house and to the trees and creeks where I always long to be. Thank you Alice for the birthday card and thank all who had good wishes for me. Especially thanks to Sammy and Mason whom spent the day with me yesterday.

I finally talked Carolyn in to watching the drama series Breaking Bad on Netflix. She loves it and I can take it or leave it. It began as a good story line but has turned into little more than a soap opera. The writers of the show quickly killed off the most interesting character, Jessee’s girlfriend. I am to the point of watching an episode every now and then.

Dog Days are nearly over and the nights will be cooling soon.

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