fever, flu, and blues

Had the flu or an awkward cold for a few days; just now beginning to think I may live. Carolyn was was sick before me and still hasn’t fully recovered.

I watched the flick, Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden and found it to be somewhat enjoyable but not very Hemingway-ish. The book was published long after Ernest Hemingway’s death and from what I can tell, it was extremely edited by the book publisher. The movie is probably better than a  highly-revised Hemingway novel.


When I pee beneath the stars
Is someone watching from afar
Peering at my weenie on this earth
And and giggling with celestial mirth

A man has to be really sick to write something like that.

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Sunday blues

I noticed the blackberry briars don’t have near as many blooms this year; maybe too much rain and not enough sunshine. The past few days must have been “blackberry” winter; very cool for two nights and days.

Planned to go shooting today but my driver has a bad cold. It has been five years since I had a good Memorial Day photo session.

Got a new Roku 3 box and “hard-wired” it to my router. Roku is still working with me on the broken one; they sent me one last idea to try to fix it via software; haven’t tried it yet.

Feel so tired without the RA meds.




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I was wrong about my Roku; it had only a 90 day warranty. For the price of the device, they should stand behind it for at least one year. Nothing they suggested for me to do worked and I am seemingly stuck with an $80 plastic hockey puck. It worked for eight months. C’est la vie!

Blackberry briars are blooming which means we should have a cool snap in the weather. I hope it means we have a lot of jam and jelly and cobblers and dumplings.

Plenty of t-storms yesterday and last evening. Nothing like ‘the delicate sound of thunder’.

The Stroll dance … yes, I well remember it; no, I never did it.

Day to day

Looks like megashot.net has some good ideas; flickr.com sure has copied a lot of them. Be aware of one thing; the very large size photos available on Flickr are perfect for stealing and anyone with a free account has access to them.

Sammy and Mason are here; I am tickled. Watching Thomas and Friends on Netflix.

My papers have supposedly worked their way through channels and are at the surgeon’s office. Supposedly. Hope to know something very soon.

Have a good evening, my friends.




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Has Flickr committed suicide just like MySpace did a few years ago? A lot of folks are complaining. Just two weeks ago I renewed my Pro account and I feel really screwed.

Won’t be blogging much until post-surgery.

Have a Tuesday.

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