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One of the Best Bands in the USA

 Seems like both Iran and Great Britain are itching for a fight. Have a good one, boys and girls.

I still say Obama is a hypocrite and more than likely will be a worse president than W. Bush. I wish the Democrats had someone to put up against him but it looks like politics as usual will win again. I can’t see any Republican who is now running that can beat Obama; J. Bush might have a chance in the hunt because he is pedigreed with papers, blue ribbons, rabies and distemper vaccination, and all other conservative requirements.

Sammy spent much of the afternoon gnawing an arthritis knot on my knuckle; all I could do was grin and bear it. For a man who has never had a tooth in his head, he has some mighty hard gums.

I’m officially done with winter for another year; come on Spring!

May your Thursday thrum be insignificant.

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I officially went over 10,000 words on Lover and most of it has had a first edit. Pardon me for crowing so much about this story, but I think it is a decent one so far. Cock-a-doodle-doo!
We had a few snow flurries last night; supposed to get down to 22°F (-5.6°C) tonight.
I was about to blog some more when Sammy came in, soooooo …
Have a welter-free Wednesday!

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Happy Birthday, Jerry!!!

Happy 45th, JoJo!

As for your wondering why I didn’t have turkey on my plate for Thanksgiving dinner; I only eat turkey when a Republican president is in office. Eight straight years of Bush foundered me. I had a piece of Democrat ham for supper.

The Thanksgiving leftovers are all gone; gosh, I miss them. I gained only one pound over the long weekend.

Congressman Barney Frank is the first big-name rat to abandon the sinking ship of American government. I hope more will walk the plank behind him. We need to eclect newer and fatter rats. Now, if we can convince three or four Supreme Court justices to die and get out of the way …

Sammy is sick; Carolyn has gone to China-Mart to get a vaporizer for him; last one we bought was for Tabby more than 20 years ago. I will forever remember that time because Carolyn was having a stiff neck and she kept confusing the word “vibrator” with “massager”. When she got out of the truck, I told her to be sure to ask for a “massager” and you can guess what she asked for. She came back out and her face was redder than the K-Mart sign. She didn’t get a massager or vibrator, but the difference between them seems to have stuck with her. She did get the vaporizer for JoJo’s baby girl.

I can see! Xanax is a wonder drug!

Have a Tuesday, my friends!

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Monday is the thud of the door opening on a new week

It’s Monday once more; I suppose the Thanksgiving weekend is officially over and it is back to the grind for most Americans. I didn’t sleep very much last night and today my eyes are furious with me and have pulled a wildcat strike. Xanax tonight and the world will be all right tomorrow … except for the fact it is supposed to snow.

OWS seems to have quieted somewhat but I have a feeling it is a lull before the storm; at least I hope so. At present, American shoppers are fulfilling the happiest wishes of Wall Street by spending money they don’t have and if they do have it, they should be saving some of it. Bah! Humbug!

Carolyn is talking about taking Sammy to Bristol recetrack to see Speedway In Lights, an annual charity event. Ten dollars or there-abouts per car allows you to drive around the famous half-mile raceway which will be filled with millions of lights for Christmas. Sammy won’t remember it, but Carolyn isn’t getting any younger so I told her she should go for it.

I case I don’t answer your comments today, it is because I cannot see well enough to do so; however, I have read and appreciate them and will try to do better tomorrow.

Have good Worshday!

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Windy with a chance of winter

High winds all last night and this morning, with thunderstorms expected this afternoon; the air is rather warm. Yep, it is time; we are changing over to winter. Twenty-five more days until winter solstice, the most important day of the year on Ken’s Krazy Kalander.

Our Escape is still broken and I don’t know how long it will be before we can have it repaired. The washing machine is misbehaving, too, but we will use it until it dies. I need to work on my scanner; I’ve some docs and photos I want to get transferred to the computer. Everything else is nominal for the moment, as far as I know.

Carolyn has begun putting out Christmas decorations; that cool Coca-Cola jazz playing bear is again on my desk and I have my Santa hat within easy reach.

Have a good Sunday, everyone.

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