Happy grandma


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Winter 2009

Watauga Dam and Lake in Winter

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Bristol, Virginia

Our friend Jola has begun blogging on WordPress; welcome, my friend. Click this link to view her blog. It is written in her native Polish language but Firefox and Chrome browsers have Google Translator plugins which allow anyone to read most languages. All the words do not translate, but enough do to make it understandable in English.


My Flickr friend Kim who hails from Nashville was visiting a friend of hers near Knoxville yesterday and decided to drive on to Johnson City and do some shooting here for a few hours. She got here about 1:00pm but the sky was overcast and there were occasional sprinkles. Carolyn brought us pizza, and we all three watched the remainder of the UT football game on TV while waiting to see if the weather might cooperate. When the overtime game finally ended, the sky had lightened a bit, so Kim volunteered to drive us around in her Honda Pilot SUV and I became the co-pilot of the Pilot. She wanted to shoot in Bluff City, but when we got arrived there was some kind of festival going on and downtown of the little village was blocked off. We took off for Blountville which was the next old town in the area but didn’t find much there. We finally ended up in Bristol and she really likes that town. Meanwhile, the late afternoon light became very good for about an hour. Bristol has plenty of the stuff she likes to shoot which is basically the same things Mark and I like to shoot. As Kim said, “Show me the crud”.  She made a couple of pics of the old sign which arches across State Street, then we hit the back streets on the Virginia side. Darkness began settling in and we turned back toward JC. She thought about spending the night in a motel and shooting in downtown Johnson City early today, but the weather forecast was so bad she decided to make the two hour trip back to her friend’s house in Maryville and rest up before returning to Nashville later today. It is probably best she did so as it has been raining and is chilly here in JC. She brought Carolyn a gift of a potted mum and I will try to get a pic of it if it stops raining.

We didn’t get a lot of photos but Kim is a good photographer and I hope she got one or two good enough to put on Flickr. I was limited because of the low light and had only the 50mm f/1.4 lens with me and I had to do a lot more walking than is usual to get a shot. Kim shoots mostly with film and I will have to wait a few days to see her results.


I will go with Carolyn to work for awhile, then I will see what kind of photos I got yesterday. The one above is of a small burger restaurant in downtown Bristol where Carolyn, her dad, and her uncles would go when she was a little girl.


Have a Scintillant Sunday!

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Sore-eyed cat

Eye allergies are terrible today; glad the sky is cloudy as a lot of light hurts. Taking Claritin but it isn’t much relief; just have to wait it out. Back ASAP.

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Happy, Happy; Joy, Joy!

Happy Birthday, Nic!!!

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