Of Mice and Windows

Keep on turning, Pete

“If you sing for children you can’t really say there’s no hope.”

Finally got Win7 running like it should. It is fast to operate on the new solid state hard drive. The problem was my old Logitech mouse. For some reason it would not cooperate with the new system and caused me much grief by scrolling backward through my browser all on its own. Page after visited page sped by. A new Amazon brand cheapo mouse seems to have cured the problem. I also added two sticks of memory to the PC; it now has six gigabytes total.

I’ve had enough super-cold for one winter; it was at 0°F (-17.8°C) this morning. I want to thank my Canadian and American Yankee friends for sending us this bountiful frigid season.

Still haven’t seen baby Jaden and tomorrow is Mason’s first birthday.

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Winter thoughts

I have Win 7 installed along with all my needed programs. I have one major problem which is probably going to cause me to have to redo the entire setup. It is so bad that if I finish this blog in one day, I will be lucky.

When I passed my first kidney stone, a nurse told me that I now know how it feels for a woman to have a baby. All I can say is that if having babies is as painful as having kidney stones, the world population would be a whole lot less than what it now is. Kidney stone pain is constant and can last for hours or even days. Mark recently passed two stones and I wonder how he feels being a mother. After passing my last stone, my buddy Fred asked me what I did with it. I told him that I pissed it away like I did everything else I ever had. All seven of my stones were barely visible and when they moved to my bladder I had no problem passing them.

Another snow here today with schools and many businesses closed. Carolyn probably won’t make it to work tonight. This may turn out to be the first real winter we have had in many years.

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New phone; same old me

I am mentally trying to prepare myself for a task that at one time in my life I rather enjoyed. Now, it is a dreadful storm cloud hanging over me. Because Microsoft is going to stop issuing security updates for Windows XP, I must install Windows 7 in my PC and reinstall all the other software I use. I also have to install a new copy of Quickbooks accounting software for Carolyn’s business needs. I chose to purchase a new hard drive, too. It is a solid state drive and I trust it will be much faster. All this is an expensive upgrade but it is direly needed as Win XP will be of little use in another month or so.  I have the new drive prepared to go into the PC and the software is due to be here today. I will need two long days of hard work to get it all done, that is if all goes ok. Now, to get myself psyched to get it done.

I’ve been needing a new phone for awhile; my old Droid X has become obsolete and stretches its resources just to make a phone call. I found a new HTC One on Amazon for $30 based on a two year contract agreement. I’ve been using it for a couple of days and it seems to be much better suited for what I have to do. I hate the contract, though.

Enough for today except to say it is again super cold here.

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Carry on

Sammy naps with new brother Jaden

Sammy naps with new brother Jaden


Welcome to Jaden Michael, brother of Sammy and Mason. All are well except Mason has a cold.

So far this has been as close to a normal winter as we’ve had in a long time. Not much snow but the season is still young. First sub-zero degree day in several years, thunderstorms, sleet, and lots of rain have been the norm. Our electric bill is more than $200 for the first time ever.

Our government is still in shambles because of weak “liberals” and overly zealous tea-partiers. The voting people are too lethargic to try to do better. Amen

And When I Die was a popular song during my electrician apprenticeship.

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Bits and pieces

Roku now has Youtube … again. Please post videos of your lovely selves so I can watch you on big screen tv.

Speaking of tv, my Samsung DLP tv stopped working yesterday. Mason tried to fix it.

I had a great time with the boys yesterday. Sammy wallered (wallowed) me good.

Nice. mild weather here after sub-zero temps just a few mornings ago. I can tell there is a little more daylight in evening so I suppose there is hope for spring to come.

Another of my friends from back in the day died on Dec. 26. We had a bit of falling out and he disappeared for many years. He was in Chattanooga where his sister lives when he died  I remember he and I sitting in my old pickup truck drinking beer and smoking fine weed. Another friend from back when’s wife died a week or so ago.  He an I also had a falling out and I have seen but little of him since he got married in mid-eighties.

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