Wednesday brunch

Jeremy and Courtney update: Courtney flew back to Chicago alone on the 22nd, went for her first radiation treatment on 23rd  and flew back to Atlanta that night; she could not bear the thoughts of being in a strange place alone for five weeks. The doctors there had her treatments transferred to Emory University in Atlanta. She will still have to occasionally return to Chicago for tests, but is happy to be home with Jeremy and the dogs … at least she was happy until this past Monday. While Jeremy was driving her to hospital for her first Atlanta treatment, they were involved in a seven-car accident which totaled their car. They are both ok, but very bewildered.
Keegan update: He is in beautiful South Korea where he is due to spend the next six months; his FB comment upon arrival: “got to korea today, very nice place :)”.
Allergies which have plagued me for many days are about gone; yesterday was a good day and I hope for 7,000 consecutive and similar days in the future.

Something to play with when you have the blues: Play me a tune.
Click on the other links at the bottom of the square for more interactive fun stuff.
Have a smiling Wednesday, my friends.

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Dr. Pav

One of my college professors died last week; Dr. John Pav was my art history teacher. I don’t particularly remember much about most of my college mentors, but his presence has remained with me for more than 30 years. He was a nice guy but took no prisoners when it came to correctly spelling artist’s names. For the course final exam, I got up at 4am and began cramming; if we misspelled three names, all from the the Renaissance up to the modern period, we failed the entire course. I naturally made sure Carolyn didn’t sleep if I couldn’t sleep, so she got up and made coffee and then helped me study. When classes began at eight o’clock, I felt reasonably confident. Art History was my last class of the day; by the time it began at eleven, I was mortified. I knew the history ok, but names like Botticelli, Valazquez, Van Eyck, Masaccio, and Caravaggio were screaming through my head and seemed to be one long and impossible to spell word. Dr. Pav flashed art photos on a screen and we had to write the names of the various artists. Anyway, I passed.
Mornings are now nippy, cooler than they should normally be for late August. I haven’t seen a robin in more than a week; most are now on the way to Tammy’s gentle care for the next six months. I dread the gloom of winter; Rio is very appealing as the northern days shorten and the skies darken to seemingly perpetual gray.
I am definitely now living in the country; a John Deere tractor just putt-putt-putted by on the road. I love it!
The video is of Ed Snodderly, an excellent musician and all around good guy who lives in Johnson City. If you saw the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, he played the part of a town dofuss in the scene where Baby Face Nelson is being escorted to jail; he is playing a fiddle. The amateur video is not the best in the world, but it gives a glimpse of the real man.
Have a Tuesday, dear children.

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Happy Birthday, Dear Brenda

Another nice sunrise over the Appalachians; the normally ubiquitous haze of the Unakas was absent and only morning mists were to be seen about the blue hills, softening the scenes and pleasing my eyes. The farthest peak I can see from my office window is that of Unaka Mountain itself. It is one of my favorite mountains and home to the Beauty Spot, waterfalls, and historical human habitation.
I have been watching Ken Burns’ The Civil War on Netflix. It is a nine-part documentary about the bloodiest war Americans have ever fought and the terrible truth is that we were killing each other. Father and sons, brothers, and best friends often chose different sides and then tried to kill or maim each other for what all believed to be just causes. I have been somewhat of a Civil War buff since high school and am learning some new stuff from these shows. The song “Lorena” from the video was a favorite of troops on both sides of the conflict; it is easy to understand why a lonely soldier would be drawn to its simple beauty. It is said that soldiers from both sides were encamped on opposite shores of the Rappahanock River and that before evening taps, they would declare a truce and regimental bands and troops from both sides would play and sing their favorite songs together. They would at times ford the river to exchange stories and swap tobacco for soap and other items in short supply in either camp. Next day they would be once more trying to kill each other.
A belated Happy Birthday to a friend no longer with me except in fond memory. Her birthday was Saturday, and as usual, I am late remembering it. However, Brenda was always one who understood the failing recollections of men when it came to anniversaries of any kind. I miss you, my friend.
Have a super Worshday, my friends.

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Don’t Get Your Pleasure From My Pain

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The life of a country squirrel

We are officially moved in although we still have much stuff to move … such as the refrigerator and TV. The internet here is much faster than at the old place and the view across to the mountains is marvelous. Yep, there is at least one squirrel neighbor; life is good.
Hope all of you along the East Coast are safe; have a great weekend, my friends.

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