I posted another of my unfinished (unedited) stories over on Brass Tacks.
I will leave it posted for a few days.
The story and the one which spawned it can be found on my Lord Bubbha blog.
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Monarch butterfly nursery

Having my worst RA day ever; be back tomorrow.


The photos are Tammy’s butterfly nursery and a new Monarch getting used to the world.


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Campaign theme song

I’m pushing this song to be Mark’s official campaign song as he journeys on his way to being elected President of the United States of America!
Every campaign begins somewhere and a rousing chorus of A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight might get voters off their lethargic asses and onto their feet (hopefully not as a lynch mob!)
Verse 1:
Come along get you ready, wear your bran, bran new gown,
For dere’s gwine to be a meeting in that good, good old town,
Where you knowed ev’ry body, and they all knowed you,
And you’ve got a rabbits foot to keep away the hoodoo;
Where you hear that the preaching does begin,
Bend down low for to drive away your sin
And when you gets religion, you want to shout and sing
There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight!
My baby –
When you hear dem a bells go ding, ling ling,

All join ’round and sweetly you must sing
When the verse am through, in the chorus all join in,

There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight.
Verse 2:
There’ll be girls for ev’ry body in that good, good old town,
For dere’s Miss Consola Davis an dere’s Miss Gondolia Brown;
And dere’s Miss Johanna Beasly she am dressed all in red,
I just hugged her and I kissed her and to me then she said:
Please, oh please, oh, do not let me fall,
You’re all mine and I love you best of all,
And you must be my man, or I’ll have no man at all,
There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight!
My baby –
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Losers and winners

Abandoned textile manufacturing plant

I feel decent today in that I am not continuously tired. The past week has been a burden, even for me as used as I have become to the discomfort from RA. I am still tender in places and my joints and fingers are swollen but the soreness that was over all my body has subsided to the point of being tolerable. I still cannot cut my food, but I can hold a fork without dropping it, and that is a huge improvement. I did not sleep well last night, but it was an betterment over what I had been doing. Typing is a problem, but I am addicted to writing and it helps take my mind off my real and imagined woes; writing is my comfort zone. I was able to comment some photos on Megashot this morning, but quickly ran out of steam; all the mouse clicking got to me. Maybe the shots will kick in and in another week or two I can get back to a bit of my normal treachery and malfeasance.
I don’t know whom President Obama will choose for his new top economic adviser. I do know that the out-going Lawrence Summers was either not very good at his job or was not listened to, probably a combination of both. My personal choice for the job would be Mark Sevigny, a person whom has absolutely no background in big politics or in national and international economic matters. What he does have is a workingman’s commonsense approach as to what is wrong, why it went wrong, and how it can begin to be fixed and that in itself is is most uncommon in Washington, D.C. governmental circles. He is also cut from the same fabric as was Harry S Truman in his “the buck stops here” philosophy. Of course, I would count on him in seeking advice from his real and virtual friends when he felt he needed it, friends who would not mind moving to D.C. to live for a couple of years and have decent paying jobs as his own personal advisers. The sacrifices of the common man and woman; it is our American strength. I took the liberty of sending Mark’s blog address to the White House because I don’t know his home address and phone number, but I’m sure he may be hearing the oft repeated words in times of national crisis “Greetings from the President of the United States of America … you are drafted into service of your country. Please report to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. to discuss this important matter. After crawling through the slime of Congressional committees and two weeks of expenses paid cleansing in American Samoa, you shall report to me, your President, and help get me out of this freaking mess!

Tuesday again?! Seems like we are having a lot of them lately.

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Megashot Yellow Theme

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