Happy Birthday, Colleen!!!

A scare for everyone!

Thanks to Tammy for the jack-o-lanterns photo. The sour-puss dude–second from right–is definitely me this morning. Tammy’s pumpkin carvings show some of her artistic abilities.
The Occupy movement seems to be getting more attention each day as protestors from around the country are being jailed for any minor offenses–real or imagined–which the elected and appointed officials can think of. Although city and municipal leaders highly desire to keep their well paying and prestigious positions, they don’t care one iota about the rest of us. Cops, as usual, are nothing more than willing puppets of the master race who want some innocent blood on their hands.
Didn’t do a damn thing this weekend. First time in years that I didn’t get some decent autumn leaf photos; first time in years I didn’t get to Buck Mt. to shoot the Christmas trees all in a row; first time in years I didn’t get photos of the old church on Walnut Mt.
Here is a piece of a tale I’ve been thinking about expanding into a short story:

With his surgically created sardonic grin, naked and corpulent Badi the Castrato and his enormous scimitar shaped phallus guarded the Teaching Harem of Alim the Kind. In other kingdoms Alim the Kind was known as Alim the Coward or Alim the Blamer or Alim Who Leads from Behind for he was not loved anywhere but by his own people and their affection was mostly in his imagination.

Badi the Castrato had once been a king of a rival country but had fallen upon hard times and come begging to Alim his Brother. Alim kept him as jailer for one of his harems, annexed his kingdom, and became powerful; too powerful for many of his other royal rivals and they were constantly looking mover their shoulders.

The older women of the Teaching Harem were misty-eyed dreamers of memories who were, by various means, taught to believe themselves as aged and no longer fit for the attentions of His Highness or even for his guests. Most were no more than thirty years of age.

The trainees were taken from their parents when they first showed signs of maturity and many of the nubile youngsters were happy to be away from the drudgery of their poverty laden lives. After each day”s instructions, they sat twittering about how they would be the ones to really teach the king the finer points of making love.


At least it is now Monday–have a great Worshday, y’all ,and a Happy Halloween too!

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I saw an CBS TV news report about apple picking time in Washington state saying that the growers there need help picking the crop. One farmer said he needed 1,000 pickers immediately but could not find them. A big part of the workers are undocumented illegals from Mexico and he pays all his pickers $160 per day. Unemployed Americans will not do the difficult work and he said he expects to lose half his crop; there is a very short picking window when the apples are at prime. Look for the price of fresh apples and apple products to sharply increase at the consumer level because Washington produces nearly fifty percent of of America’s apples and exports to more than 40 countries. Maybe the growers can find some tea party people willing to work the orchards.
Cold and rainy in East Tennessee today; maybe a bit of snow before the cock crows on a new morning. I am still hoping to go to Wilbur this weekend, but it is looking doubtful.
Have a great weekend, you wonderful people!

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Happy Birthday, JJ!!!


Leaf color is nearing its height as we go into the weekend which is supposed to be cold and sunny after showers today and tomorrow. I hope to get to Wilbur no later than Sunday and see if the colors there are as spectacular as they were in 2007.
Ok, let’s say that Occupy works well and we begin getting the country back for the benefit of all. Will Occupy members run for high public office in next few elections, say state legislatures and maybe even Congress of the USA? Will these people be sincere? Will the sincere ones be corrupted by power? The reason I ask these questions is because I’ve seen this scenario before; when hippies–mostly young–persuaded he government to reduce the voting age from 21 years to 18 years. Many very young people ran for office and some of them were elected and a significant lot of those turned out to be worse than the greedy fat-cats whom they had replaced. Power corrupts.
Have a good Thursday!

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Train-Train part 2

Jola's photo; I thank her for allowing me to use it

Last night was quiet … too quiet considering I live very near railroad tracks. There were no trains rumbling by to harass my sleep until 6:05 this morning when a southbound came chugging through. The local rag is reporting that a couple of wild boxcars broke away from a previously unknown herd and rampaged back and forth through three counties before wearing themselves into exhaustion and finally coming to a rest near the town of Watauga. Fortunately no innocent track-crossing persons were killed or injured during the dangerous escapade. The cold and confused escapees were finally caught and sent to a homeless shelter for lost and abandoned machinery before being spayed, neutered, and further processed. Hopefully they can be reunited with the remainder of their herd or placed into loving homes. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the feral locomotive that lost the runaways, call your county train dispatcher and if anyone is interested in having a loving boxcar for a household companion, call your local boxcar shelter, junkyard, or the Tennessee Department of Mental Health.
It is more than a bit disconcerting to me to learn that New York City has an internal affairs division of 1,000 cops hired to investigate the the crimes of the remainder of the police force.
If ever a coward there was …
It has been reported that N.Y.P.D. officer Anthony Bologna who sneaked up on peaceful Occupy Wall Street women protestors that were cordoned off from the public and then blasted pepper spray directly into their unsuspecting eyes, has been harshly disciplined by having 10 days of vacation taken away from him. If you view the video, watch Bologna, a supervising officer in a white shirt, slink away and act the innocent after his aggravated assault on the women. Very cowardly! No wonder I have trouble respecting “officers of the law”. Is this the “Rule of Law” which Mr. Obama touts when he speaks of exporting democratic ideals to the lawless world? Phooey!
Otherwise, have a great Wednesday, my friends!

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Happy Birthday, Cathy!!!

Everyone please keep Dear Alice and her family in your thoughts; her sister’s husband passed away in West Virginia. She will be journeying there as soon as she finds out what the arrangements are. Peace to you and all of your loved ones, my friend.
Time may be an undefinable invention of abstraction, but you will come to know that it is in fact as extant as anything which we can realize with our physical senses. Time definitely has weight and as you grow older its increasing mass relentlessly presses down on your shoulders until you feel the burdens of all the world are being carried by you alone.
In yesterday’s dream sequence, the tibbets I referred to is Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the plane which dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima, Japan in the summer of ’45. The manson family was a cult of cold-bloodied killers lead by Charles Manson in California during ’69.
I had a very tough weekend with plans to go to Walnut Mt. and the old, abandoned church and then on to the Christmas tree farms and apple orchards on Buck Mt. Instead, it was a weekend of much discomfort caused by a huge buildup of fluid in my chest. First bout I’ve had with that malady since July. I finally feel well enough today to get caught up on a few things.
Have a Tuesday.

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