Megashot January 2011, Greens Category Winners Level 3

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Megashot January 2011, Yellows Category Winners Level 3

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Watauga River

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Toxic speeding

Messing around with software

Carolyn got herself a speeding ticket while returning from work this this morning; doing 47mph and a 30mph zone. It is the same road she travels everyday and the same one I’ve warned her about for years. The cop gave her a break and charged her with 12mph over which saved her $50. The fine is normally $10 for each one-mile-per-hour over the limit. Of course I am the one whom catches the brunt of her disdain for over zealous policemen. My life gets shittier more interesting by the day, it seems. Yep, I’m in a ratty mood today.
The deadly toxic sludge spill in Hungary has reached the once beautiful Danube. This is similar to what will happen inside the mainland U.S. sooner or later; it is not “can happen”, it is “will happen”. There are thousands of holding ponds scattered across the country containing everything from nuclear waste to common sewage and every kind of poison in between. Very few are inspected by the government on a regular basis, instead they wait for a disaster to occur before snapping the verbal whip. Just like the Exxon and BP incidents, the American people will easily put it out of their minds as we go about our blind ambitions. Big Brother will take care of us; Uncle Sugar will do us right. Wake up America!
Have a fruitful Thursday, my friends.

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