Jobbers price list during mid-1930’s

My grandfather owned a small country store during the Great Depression.

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Homo evolutis

Spring evenng

Carolyn replaced our flannel winter sheets with summer percales after hanging them in the sun all day yesterday; only one thing smells better in bed than sun kissed sheets.
“We have already started to evolve from Homo sapiens (a conscious hominid) into Homo evolutis: Homo evolutis is a hominid that directly and deliberately controls the evolution of its own and other species.”
I was browsing the Amazon Kindle book store when I ran across this little gem titled Homo Evolutis*. It’s available only in Kindle format, 58 pages long, and is a precursor to the full edition which has yet to be published. The e-book gives us a preview of our own evolutionary next step, from Homo sapiens into Homo evoloutis and tells it in layman terms and with lucid insights and humor. When talking about how microbes will play a huge role in our next evolutionary step, the authors—Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans—say:
“Some societies, and certainly some mothers, are more obsessed by cleanliness than others.
Too much cleanliness can be harmful.
Which may be one reason why, because of the original diversity exposure of gut colonization, some developed world tourists are far more prone to serious bouts of Montezma’s Revenge, Delhi Belly, Turkey Trots, Cairo Cramps, Dakar Dash, Rangoon Run, Trotsky’s …”

If you have a Kindle or Kindle reader software on your PC or other device, at $2.99 it is a worthwhile read.
I just finished my second reading of The Mill on the River Utrata from the book Jola sent me. It is one of the better and subtle comparison and contrast stories I’ve read in a long time. The author, Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, handles this polarized story very well. I will read it once more and ad sticky notes.
Yesterday I spotted a couple of possible photo ops in downtown JC, but today it rains and I will have to delay my effort.
The photo of two European starlings enjoying an early spring sunset is one of my favorites and was made in 2008.
Have a good week … don’t read or watch any news reports.
*©2010 by the authors

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Warm Saturday

Building Which Housed London's Hardware

Springlike again today with temp of 62° (16.6°C) and beautiful skies with just a bit of haze. I drove Carolyn to clean three of her buildings, Fall Branch, Boones Creek, and downtown Johnson City. I took the Pentax along but found nothing suitable to shoot at. The above pic was made nearly three years ago in JC.

Have a good evening, my friends.

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Name That Rat!

Mark wants to know what he should name his squirrel neighbor at his new house. Squirrel naming is such a personal thing; one must establish a rapport with the wild child; observe his habits and tendencies and then with his input, decide on a suitable moniker. My first one was Fuzzy Britches. I’ve had a pair of siblings called Jake and Elwood although Jake turned out to be a girl. Jake lost part of her tail in a run-in with a cat; I wrote a comment to Tammy about her. I had a runt named Shorty and a male with some red squirrel in him called Chester the Molester; he would screw anything and was named after a perverted Hustler comic character. Another was named Squirrel S Buck, after author Pearl S Buck. Another was Fatty Squirrelbuckle named after a famous silent movie comedian. Another was Momma; she seemed to be perpetually pregnant, and one of her kids was Little Bit; he would sit beside my chair and take peanuts from my fingers. Shorty II was a normal sized squirrel who had lost half its tail. Then there was Fatty, the boss-hoss of the squirrel neighborhood. She and Little Bit would come inside the house to eat but never at the same time. They always made a peanut mess on the floor and even peed on the carpet a time or two, but it was no big deal; Carolyn cleaned up after them.

A few months back I wrote about buying a new coffee maker. Carolyn decided she wanted a percolator so I ordered one from; It was the type that could be used with or without paper filters. She decided to use filters and we kept noticing the coffee was weak; at least I noticed it. We bought all kinds of different coffees and even upped the number of scoops from the recommended eight on up to eleven, but the joe was still watery. Yesterday, she finally decided on a new tactic; do away with the filters and go from a fine grind to a medium grind. Man, that was the strongest fresh coffee I ever drank; I could feel the hair growing on my chest. Today, she did the same thing with no filter and cut back on the scoops of beans to nine; it was perfect. Now I have my Colombian and a whole new outlook on life; I am an addict. I suppose I should grow a mullet.
Have a good weekend, dear ones.

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My Bride: 1963–1964

Left: Four months after we bagan dating. Right: Four months after we were married.

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