“L.A.’s fine …”

LA from Griffith Observatory

LA from Griffith Observatory

Jeremy at Griffith Observatory

Jeremy at Griffith Observatory

More pics from Jeremy and Courtney. I like this view of  Los Angeles. They still have a smog problem but not as bad as it once was. I have seen older views from the observatory where downtown could not be made out because of the smog. The photo of Jeremy is very good, showing off his dreads and, considering the apparent time of day, I used a warming filter before uploading it. Thank you Jeremy and Courtney. You are becoming very good photographers.

We had our first official frost Sunday morning. Temperature was just at freezing point but the wind was briskly blowing at our house therefore no frost showed. Jerry lives in a sheltered mountain cove and he said it was fairly heavy at his house.

The day here began sunny but it is now raining, one of those cold showers akin to what well-meaning friends drag you into when they want to sober you up or like you do when you are horny and your wife says “hell no!”.

Have a fine week, my friends.


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Watching Pink Floyd video


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Just Thursday

Many of the past month's days have felt like 600°

My cup runneth over.
This morning, Jeremy got to meet his baby nephew for the first time and I got to hold Sammy for the first time. Of course as soon as he was on my lap, he filled his diaper with a mighty stink.
Jeremy is taking a direct flight to Chicago from Tri-Cities and will meet-up with Courtney at the hotel; she is having the scans done today at the hospital.
Dog Days end today; maybe the rains will come as we exit the hottest and driest part of the year.
Some of our schools have been in fall session for more than a week and others began classes this week. The district fair begins next week and autumn will rapidly be snapping at our heels. When this area was largely small-farm dependent, school did not begin until after Labor Day, the first Monday in September. As the farms were being displaced by subdivisions and farmers were punching time clocks at local factories, the beginning dates for school began easing into August and the fair followed suit. I used to love the fair; it was a highlight of the year. I worked for local farmers in hay fields and tobacco patches during the summer so as to have money for a one night stand watching Cleo and Chloe perform their hootchie-kootchie exhibition on a stage in front of their tent. I was too young to buy a ticket to see the “show” inside, but the hawker once took my dollar and allowed me to sneak under the edge of the tent to watch the ladies gyrate. I wanted to see titties, but it never happened. One time I even had the courage to take a neighbor girl to the fair with me; with me being an extremely shy young man, she had to ask me for the date. I suppose I was 16 and she was 13 or 14 but, to my delight, I found that she was much more “worldly” than me. Very educational evening by the time I got her home.
Since the local power board installed self-reporting meters in our neighborhood last year, my electric bill has declined by an average of 40 percent. Either I was getting screwed for many years or I am about to get screwed; nothing good for the consumer lasts long in the world of corporate profits.
Have a Day of never ending Love!

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Easter rambles

Headtown House

The tradition of celebrating Easter (East; Eastern) is at least 2,000 years older than the Christian days of remembrance. People of Babylon went to the hilltops at sunrise to worship the rising sun. Christians copied the special day and time to commemorate the rising Son.
The above photo was made nearly 54 years ago; it is the first and only house my mom and dad owned, although it was rebuilt into a three bedroom abode after it partially burned in 1965. It was located across the country road from my grandmother’s house. My Dad, along with slave labor from my uncle Roy and my 12 year old self, built this small, two bedroom home with his bare hands. He dug the foundation trench by hand, mixed and poured the foundation concrete by hand, laid the cement blocks by himself, and did most of the other work. The only time he asked for help was when he absolutely needed it. He hired professionals to lay the stonework on the front, and had to have extra help hoisting the main beam across the front, but other than that, it was mostly the three of us. Actually, it was mostly the two of them as my dad considered me as being too young and incompetent, and I was too precious to be allowed to do any climbing by my mom. The photo was made just after we moved into the house but it was nowhere near completely finished inside or outside. The car is a 1951 Oldsmobile; it is the car I first began to learn to drive.
Today’s Frank and Ernest comic strip.
Have a relaxing weekend, my dears.

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Easter week


Easter Sunday 1962
My mom and uncle Roy’s children, Hank and Vicki, wearing new Easter outfits. Vicki is holding her Easter basket. This photo was made in my grandmother’s side yard. Just off the corner of the house, you can barely see a small out-building; it was our toilet.


This photo is of me, my aunt Iva (aka:Ivy) sitting behind me, and Dot, my mom. This was made in early autumn 1946, showing off my new winter outfit. Dig that hat! I hope I was never seen in public looking like that! This shot was made in grandma’s front yard.

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