Not seperate; not equal: Politics and religion


How are American Christian Republicans dealing with the fact that their central organizations such as United Methodists, Southern Baptists, etc. are going to be asking them to donate money and time to have a Mormon elected? There has been a huge animosity (hatred, violence, murders) between Christians and Mormons since Joseph Smith founded the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1830. Are they (religions) against Obama’s policies or are they against Obama’s skin color?

A fact or two about the Roman Catholic Church in America, mostly from Wikipedia. Close to 25 percent of all Americans are Catholic. The United States as the fourth largest population of Catholics in the world. As best I can find out and the latest figures are for 2001, the worldwide church had more than $422 billion in income for that year, and increase of $64 billion from the previous year. The church is said to invest heavily in international stock markets, with emphasis on American companies. I cannot vouch for any of these facts and figures, particularly the ones concerning church income.

If you desire to know where all this is leading to in my blog, well, probably nowhere as to what you will read on the main page. But the capricious and mean things being said and done by the radical Republican Right Wing–which seems to be the total platform of the party nowadays–is causing me much concern and I feel I must write what I think is the truth about organized religion prostituting itself to the whims of politics and politicians which don’t give a damn about Jesus nor the United States Constitution but will wail at the foot of the cross and revere the Founding Fathers for a vote and a hunk of tithe. Both entities are huge businesses whom control a lot of malleable, faith based minds. I will be writing more on this and other WordPress pages as the spirit moves me.


I have a contact on Facebook whom seems to be an almost fanatically religious Christian woman; a very nice lady otherwise. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that she also believes in astrology. Is Christianity not fulfilling enough? Obviously not.

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  1. As a one time Mormon I get what you mean ! I am to much a Liberal to be a Mormon and did not fit in at all. left over 30 years ago , never went to any church since !

    • Religion is jealous, even between its own denominations.
      Thanks, Sandy.

  2. Religion is for the week just look around .

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