Sex and Apple Butter

Happy video from my favorite music genre … snort, hee-hee ..

Do you ever dream about being in public naked?  Being somewhere you cannot readily get to your clothes or anything else to cover yourself? I’ve dreamed such a couple of times and they were the scariest dreams I’ve had since I was a kid dreaming of being chased by a giant. The naked dream must be fairly common because I’ve read about other people experiencing it. I haven’t tried to find out what it means and have no intention of wanting to know. However, with a fine bod like mine it isn’t the worst thing that could happen in a dream.

There are only two things worth living for: sex and apple butter.

Not much going on today. I hope to see all my readers on Megashot.

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“Let your love flow …

"Like a mountain stream ..."

… like a mountain stream”

A rainy wash day in the hills. I won’t be surprised if we have our first frost in a week or so. Usually before mid-October when the ice man cometh. I hope the leaf color will be awesome this year.

Last week was a mixed one with a lot of good and enough bad to make me thankful for the good.  Anyway, it was a learning week and I had good teachers. I now hope I can pass the poetry of life test they meted me.

I still do not “get” the American system of politics where we are expected to vote for the lesser of two evils. Let’s get the money out of the thing and vote for the better of two goods. I don’t expect anyone to be another Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, or Jack Kennedy but I do expect them to be honest and favorable to the American worker. It is up to us to take the government back because the rich are not going to give it up without a fight.

Have a happy, memorable week, my friends.


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Yesterday’s blog? Really? I was daydreaming about getting my back scratched.

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… i love you …

Always, Love

Always, Love

… ummmmmmmmmmmm …ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … ahhhhhhhhhh yes yes yesssss … round and round … yessss like that … lower … ummmmmmmmmmmmahhhh … more … yessss … you know how to please me … don’t stop … ummmmmmmmmmm … i love you …


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Sentimental Journey

Not much new going down. I did entice a Flickr member to join Megashot. I have enjoyed her creativity in photography for several years and I look forward to the fine work she will post on our site.

I am working hard on Megashot, trying to comment on each new photo uploaded by members. My fingers are beginning to tell the tale but they will just have to suck it up and stay busy. I don’t have much in the line of new photos of my own so I am working on old ones, a lot which I have never shown before. I have really learned a lot from Cyrus, Maggie, and the rest of the contributing members.

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