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No Greater Love ...

No Greater Love …

It has been a difficult winter in many ways, not only nasty weather but also some personal issues. It is that time of year when I visit doctors. I’ve seen two in the past couple of weeks and have two more to go.

Seems like one has to see a specialist for everything from hangnails to achy muscles. Used to be the family doctor could take care of all except the most serious ailments.Like everything else, it is all about money.

What about the Arkansas newbie senator sending a letter to our vowed enemy, Iran? He and a lot of his cronies warned that religious-based government not to trust President Obama. All this while we are trying to achieve a nuclear arms treaty with Iran. If that isn’t treason, I don’t know what is. The Constitution gives the power to make treaties to the executive branch and gives none to the legislative branch. Trying to usurp the lawful powers of a sitting president while he is acting in what he sees as the best course for our country is not only deplorable but should be illegal. All who signed that letter should be held accountable to the letter of the law and by the voters. The Arkansas senator should scrape the pig shit off his shoes before he tackles issues of national interest. Sooooo-eeeee Hog!

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