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Capitalism as we’ve known it since the late 19th century is finally on its way to collapse. Although the problems began with unrestricted imports of automobiles and electronics to the U.S. in the latter 1960’s by Japan and other nations, the final trigger mechanism for the present decline was put in place with the laissez-faire total governmental deregulation of big business by the Ronald Reagan administration. The G.W. Bush era compounded the problems with its policy of starting unwinnable wars with the purpose of keeping Republicans in office to make sure a huge portion of taxpayer money flowed into the pockets of big business. Much of it could still have been averted in the past few months by having a bit of ballsy leadership in the nations highest political offices. Now that Standards & Poor’s has cut America’s credit rating for the first time ever, the voters will have to empty their pockets to pay for the thoughtless mistakes they made when they went to the polls five times in the first decade of the new millennium. People, you better know whom you are voting for … or against; voting for the lesser of two evils is not the way to govern a nation, but it can quickly send a great country into economic distress. Don’t forget, we the people are the government and the blame and pain lies at the feet and on the shoulders of our individual selves. YOU can do something and you can do it now; send emails showing your displeasure of the partisan shenanigans by government to your elected representatives and senators and to the White House in D.C. Be sure to include your first and last names and zip code on all correspondence. You can demand that each political party present us with real choices for the future of our nation and not just the party-line talking heads they have shoved at us since 1980.

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  1. Who is S&P? Should we really trust them? The problems in Europe are the same (or almost the same). Increasing public debt, still too high level of unemployment, there is a deep crisis in Greece and Spain, and there are dark clouds above Italy.
    Sending mails to the politicians is a good idea. Hope they read them. 😉

    • S&P stands for “Standard & Poors”. They are one of the three main companies worldwide who rate the creditworthiness of nations and large corporations. The downgrade in U.S. credit didn’t hurt us per se, but it is just another sign that we need to get our house in order and begin doing realistic things to reduce our debt and grow our economy. Actually, Europe is in much more economic trouble than is the U.S.; if Italy defaults, the rest of the E.U. will suffer greatly.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. I hope the letters and emails work. I’ve been supporting the small farmers and other causes I believe in this way for years and would like to think my support matters. It would really send a message if half a million people showed up on the front lawn of the white house.

    • Did you know there are ultra-conservative presidential candidates (Ron Paul, etc.) who want to do away with the Agriculture Dept?
      You and Mark are correct; a march on Washington by caring Americans would probably do some good; the ballot box is not working.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. I want to march in Washington. A massive march would be the start to getting politicians to notice we are sick and tired of being trampled by their careless attitudes towards the working class.

    If we continue to sit on out collectives behinds then nothing will change and we will continue to be the “Fall of the Roman Empire” Part II. We are closer than you think.

    Albert Brooks vision is coming true.

    • I ain’t never done a big march before; how do we get the ball rolling? Does your new political group have any ideas about all this? I think the fall of America has begun and like a snowball on an Alaskan mountainside, it won’t stop until it hits an unmovable object (enough caring and reacting people?) or until it hits bottom. At least the political landscape for 2012 is drastically changing, but nothing but for the bad as far as I see.
      Brooks may be mistaken; if things continue to worsen, China will probably buy us for a nickel on the dollar and not the fifty-fifty he foresees.
      (表示感激)感謝,謝謝, Mark

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