Eat this

In a market already saturated with restaurants and fast food outlets, Johnson City has gone gaga over the prospect of a Tupelo Honey Cafe franchise locating in town. Well, the wait is over as the parent company of the restaurant announced they would locate in our fair city. It is to be situated downtown therefore tying its fortunes on the revitalization of a part of the landscape that I think should be leveled and made into a green space dedicated to the futility of urban renewal when, in fact, ol’ Urb don’t want to be renewed.

The Olympics are a few days old now and I’ve yet to catch an event on TV. Every time I try to see what’s happening, all I get is a bunch of talking heads attempting to explain in detail all the things I don’t want to know. Being as they are showing the day’s events in replay, it looks like they could cut-out some of the inane (insane) verbal “expert” garbage and home videos of the participants as small children and get down to the competitors doing their thing.

Mitt Romney tells the Polish press via his spokesman to ” kiss my ass” and to “shove it” while campaigning in Warsaw in an attempt to garner that conservative nation’s much needed Catholic votes. Uh, Mr. Romney; Poland is not one of the voting districts of the USA and there are probably not more than two-or-three tea partiers living within its borders. I suppose you are just passing through on your way to Switzerland to make a deposit in your Christmas Club account at one of that nation’s famous banks.

Have a Tuesday!

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New pumps

I gotta brand new pair of shoes! First I’ve bought in many years. For ages I bought only New Balance walking shoes because the ones I liked were made in USA. I can no longer find the domestic ones, so I ended up trying a new brand called ProPet which, of course. are Chinese made. I require shoes with Velcro straps because of my unpredictable fingers and wrists. They seem to fit well and feel good but I know it will take a lot of bunion and callous pads to get them comfortable. They were bought from Amazon, but I recommend ShoeBuy instead; their prices are a bit higher but they have very good return policies and delivery times.

Courtney has her first blog posted from her new home in California.

Romney is going to visit Poland; Jola is fortunate to be away at this time.

Have a good Worshday!

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Young and old

Sammy was with us both Friday and Saturday for several hours each visit. He don’t nap much anymore; thirty minutes Friday and none yesterday.
Eight weeks back, he could stand under my desk with a little head clearance; now the top of his head is at least an inch (25mm) higher than the bottom of my desktop. Kids do most of their growing in summer, I suppose.

In court Wednesday in a case heard shortly before mine; Discover Card versus and old woman. Not just an old woman, she is ninety years old, suffering from acute dementia and nearly deaf. Her son was with her, explaining the situation to the judge and the prosecuting lawyer. The woman has no recollection of using the card any later than 1987; the judge was nice and told her she needed to have an attorney and reset the hearing date until October. She obviously doesn’t have any money and her son wasn’t dressed in finery either so I don’t know how she can afford legal counsel. Our government has all but shut down free legal aid to poor people, leaving folk like her in a bind.
No matter how desperate our problems seem to get, there is always someone in much more physical, mental, or financial distress than are we and our corporate nation cares not at all. Wake up, America!

Have a good week a’coming.

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All went as good as could be expected yesterday. The doctor said I was in very god shape for my ages except for the RA. I came out of court with payments I could barely afford which will likely play into my knee surgery scenario. Ah well, we live moment by moment.

Another thing that has gotten us behind this month is that Carolyn did not receive her Social Security check which was due on the third Wednesday. She called the bureaucracy and they informed her that her check had indeed been sent but said they would send her a replacement. Also, one of her accounts didn’t pay her this month and and all this has put us in a bit of a hole. By month’s end, we should be ok, however. The cosmic karma is about to send the eagle of prosperity to shit on my head.

Got my shot today and tomorrow comes the Man. I desperately need one of his hugs.

Have a good Thursday!


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Ride Sally Ride!

Back when I still thought there was a possibility of America having a great future, our first woman astronaut flew aboard the space shuttle, reinforcing my optimism. Sally Ride, who inspired a lot of women around the world with her pioneering journey, died recently.

Carolyn took the Escape to the mechanic yesterday. He found no electrical problems and ended up cleaning the fuel injectors. He said he was getting more and more cars with the same problem and that it was more than likely due to bad gasoline. He said a person should find a station they trust and buy all their fuel there. Knowingly selling bad gasoline is more of America’s moral and economic decay.

This is going to be a crappy week. Tomorrow morning I go to my doctor for annual checkup. In the afternoon I have to appear in court so a creditor can obtain judgement against me. I can tolerate the judgement decree, but I will have to stand on the crutches for an unknown time until my case is heard. These two things should envelope my entire day. Thursday is shot day again and hopefully Friday will be Sammy day; he can quickly cure an entire week full of ills.

Have a Tuesday!

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