Another week begins …

Monday is wash day

Monday is wash day

Stupid weather. Wear a heavy coat in the morning, shirtsleeves in afternoon, and back to coat at night. It is 71°F (21.7°C)  as I write this at noon today but it is supposed to snow Wednesday and Thursday.

Had to buy another new cable modem Saturday. Even with that, the net connection is unusually slow. Comcast needs to do some equipment upgrades.

Carolyn has gone to get a problem with the van looked at. I think the starter is bad. Also, she bought two new tires for the rear of the van about two months ago and one of them already has a knot on it.

Most people do not smile on Monday until 11:16 am.

All these degrading TV shows and movies; I would like to know the zombie’s side of the story.

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Getting ready for Christmas -- Sam and Mason

Getting ready for Christmas — Sam and Mason

I will be away from blogging for a while … at least until my health improves. RA is a day-to-day malady so who knows, I may be back tomorrow. Have wonderful days until we meet again, my friends.

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Reflections on Elections

Our new friends in Washington seem to be doing what the people elected them to do. I cannot understand why liberals, democrats, and environmentalists are up in arms over fracking of shale being allowed. Voters want fracking and fracking they shall have. Even if the majority of the natural gas produced will be exported to Asian markets, so be it. Voters voted for big money to continue guiding the country down whatever road that leads.

In 2012, voters reelected President Obama, apparently wanting him to take on Congress and see that they do what the people need. Instead, the president went on the defensive and hunkered down for two more years, allowing the latest election to go to hardcore conservatives. Now, after losing his chance to lead, Obama jumps up and starts rhetoric about positive immigration reform and many of the other things he allowed to sit idle for so long. Too late, Mr. President. Go back to bed.

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Monday Boys

So this is Monday
What else to say
Boys were here yesterday
I’m pooped today

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Bumble bee on golden rod

Why the hell can I not go on Facebook without seeing Kim Kardashian’s big ass? I don’t even like her face, much less a glorified picture of her naked butt. Facebook is sicker than ever.

Carolyn isn’t having the best of weeks.  Wednesday night she was pulled over by a policeman for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Yesterday she was in a waiting area while oil was being changed in the van when someone in a car rammed into the wall of the building behind the chair where she was sitting, nearly knocking her to the floor. The car driver left the scene and the proprietor called the sheriff’s office but they were too busy to respond.

Above photo is on my Megashot stream.

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