Happy Day

Sammy was with us yesterday and was wired to walk. He still has to have a helping hand for balance, but he is getting better at it each day. I was in my desk chair and he had hold of my left thumb; he started walking and around and around we went until he decided it was enough and turned, changed hands and grabbed my right thumb and went the other direction for a few turns. He then went walking through the house several times with Carolyn’s and JJ’s help. By the time he had to go home, we were worn out but he had taken a long afternoon nap and was ready to go again.ImageImageImage

The photos were made with my f/1.4 50mm lens which I plan to use a lot more since my fingers have become so sore. It is lightweight and easier to keep around my neck for long periods. Sorry about using the flash; it is a necessary evil at times.

I planned to begin writing the body of my new story today, but for some reason I am a bit tired and have a sleep hangover; I downed half a Xanax last night and it put me down hard. I have 2.5 of the pills left in the bottle and no refills; soon, I will have to depend on Ambien. It works well and leaves less hangover, but for some reason I don’t trust it.

From Rocky Top to each of you; have a great Thursday!

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Here is a link from Maggie’s blog which is very interesting
President Obama writes his daily to-do list in the Oval Office:

  • Hug Hillary
  • Hug Michelle
  • Hug Geithner
  • Shake hands with Joe the vice-president guy
  • Orange juice, grits, and jammy toast for breakfast
  • Kill some foreign terrorists
  • Kill some Americans who may be terrorists
  • Wink at Hillary
  • Kiss some corporate ass
  • Kiss some Israeli ass
  • Kiss some Saudi ass
  • Ignore Pakistan
  • Ignore all of Africa
  • Ignore South America
  • Continue ignoring Cuba
  • Threaten Syria
  • Make a decision about some minor something and smile for camera recording event
  • Call the Pope and ask if he has heard from God today
  • Call Pat Robertson and ask if has heard from God tomorrow
  • Smile at Hillary
  • Call Donald Trump’s office; when he comes on the line, laugh and hang up
  • Call Putin and ask for more vodka
  • Order vacation brochures from S. Pacific Islands
  • Do anything to keep Hillary off my ass
  • Lunch salad bar with Boehner; beg if I have to
  • Afternoon golf with P.A.C. chairpersons
  • Evening meal with family if they are around
  • Watch¬†The Jeffersons reruns on TV
  • Catch late Fox News
  • Do a presidential pee, salute and go to bed
  • Lewd suggestions to Michelle and thank God she isn’t Hillary
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Think rain!

I ain’t going to complain about the hot temperatures we are having because about six months from now I will be wishing I had them back. But, we sure could use some rain.

Ashley didn’t work today so Sammy was not here for a visit; maybe tomorrow. Carolyn bought him an inflatable swimming pool and she has plans for him to get into it tomorrow. Like most boys, he don’t even like a bathtub so I don’t have much hope for his taking to the pool very readily.

That’s all from Rocky Top; have a Tuesday.

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Memorable Memorial?

Overall a pretty bad weekend with some nice highlights. Hope y’all had a good one. Sammy was supposed to come over today but he is with his dad. Carolyn has gone to work to finish up what she didn’t get done Friday.

I rode to the market with Carolyn on Saturday afternoon and made one of my best “social commentary” photos. A lot of hay being mown around the farms so the old eye allergies decided to kick in full blast yesterday. Today is sore all over day but I am gradually working some of it out.

It is sweltering hot in these hills; we badly need rain.

This coming week would have been very busy at my grandma’s house when I was growing up there. Plenty of crepe paper of many colors would have been bought along with galvanized wire for creating stems, and flower making would be under way. Back then, Decoration Day was the first Sunday in June and it was for all our past family members whether or not they were veterans. Each and every grave in our two local cemeteries got at least a small bunch of flowers, and and many plots in other graveyards around the area were visited so that passed family could have a colorful memorial. For many years, the flowers didn’t last long on the graves, night time dew took its toll on colors and shapes, the sun bleached out colors, and the least bit of rain made them look awful. Finally someone came up with the idea of dipping the finished flowers in melted paraffin and this helped them to last for a few weeks instead of just a few days.¬† The wax did have a propensity to dull the colors as soon as it was applied.

I have begun writing another story and it is unlike anything I’ve ever attempted. It is set in Dark Ages Europe, a time which seems dark only to historians because the people in my tale had fairly normal lives.

Have a memorable Worsh Day!

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Gotta love the this time of year when daylight comes before six o’clock each morning and stays late so the lightning bugs will have time to play. Wish I had a way of keeping late May and early June all year long except for one week of autumn’s most beautiful colors. What a wonderful world it would be.

Got my haircut yesterday and did a bit of shaving this morning which I will finish up tomorrow before the main man gets here.

Have a great Thursday!


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