Catching up

Jeremy seems to be making inroads with his music; he reported on Facebook that his group is now the Reverb Nation number nine hip-hop band in all of the Marin Valley of California. I also think he is negotiating with  and agent so he can have wider exposure. I wish him well and I know he can do what he sets his mind to doing.

Keegan is back in Japan; he was home on leave for a couple of weeks before finishing up his Pacific duties and shipping out to the Frankfort, Germany area. He will again be home for a few days before going to Europe where he will receive some kind of promotion. We wish him the best, too.

Carolyn, Chris, and Ashley took Sammy to the market yesterday so he could pick out his Halloween pumpkin. They bought the one he liked and the market owner gave him a small, orange gourd with a curved handle on it which he loved and would not put down.

I like my Roku video streaming box and service. It comes with a nice little remote control but instead of using it I use my Logitech 650 universal remote to control the Roku, TV, cable box, and Blu-Ray. The 650 is fairly easy to set up; all you do is download a piece of software from Logitech which will walk you through connecting your remote to the net via usb cable, inputing all your devices makes and models, updating the remote via net, and then testing and if all is ok, using it. Mine replace four remotes.

Carolyn fried some green mater slices yesterday; great with mashed taters and peas.

Have a good week, my friends.

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Just a reminder to enjoy the warm weather while you may

Very warm with hazy skies in Telford today. Nice but dry early autumn.

I’ve managed to drain six pounds (2.8kg) of fluid from my old body during the past three days and I feel much better all over. For the first time in more than 12 years, I weigh less than 250lbs (113.4kg).

I wonder if Mitt is sane?

Have a great day!


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I won’t be on the net often for a few days; I am keeping my feet up to try to rid myself of some swelling which seems to be keeping the wound on my foot from healing. The sore is from the infected blister that I got on my protruding bunion from the new shoes. They will not do the knee implant surgery if there are any infected places on me. I will still keep up with y’all by using the Tab.

Everything else seems to be normal; in other words, a total snafu.

Have a Tuesday and a great autumn week; we had our first frost in the hills Sunday night.

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Sammy treated his mom, dad, Granny Chris, and Granny Carolyn to a trip to Knoxville Zoo yesterday. They all had a very good time. When they got home last night, they all were worn out … except for Sammy. He played long and hard at our house for a couple more hours before he went home. He found himself a little girl his age at the zoo; I think it must have been love at first sight. Carolyn said all they did was touch each other’s faces. Hope to post a photo or two in a day or so.

Have a great week!

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Sweet Carolyn

Happy Birthday to my still young and beautiful Bride

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