October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Do not allow a  family member or a friend to suffer alone
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Bookoos of DEAF

Jeremy is using one of my photos on the back cover of his new album “DEAF” which will be released to retail next month. I am proud of that young man!

Today my favorite word is bookoo. Bookoo means ‘a lot’ of something. On this blog, you get bookoos of bullshit. Bookoo is a word that my friend Fred used often, in fact he used it bookoos of times over the years I knew him. Bookoo and bookoos. Thank you, Fred.

Sammy went to his first circus last evening; he didn’t make it all the way through before deciding it was time for him to go home.

Cold and rainy here with snow showers promised for tonight. Looks like Mark’s folks will be spared the brunt of Hurricane Sandy as it moves inland along the Appalachian Ridge. Congress can legislate all they want to but they cannot pass a law against global warming; it is already a fact.

Have a good Worshday!

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I forgot that Phil Collins once had hair

Yesterday was shot and errand day; today Carolyn went to ophthalmologist for the first time. She had her eyes dilated and now she is bitching because she can’t half see.

According to the weather man, the first real blast of winter is due here by Monday with below freezing temps.

Life’s three greatest pleasures:
Making love
Having my back scratched
Eating chocolate covered peanuts

Have a great weekend!

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Going up the down escalator

Another movie you may consider watching is Hugo. It is nothing like Winter’s Bone but it does tell a very good story and is a well made flick. I have the Blu-Ray version and the panoramic views of Paris at night are spectacular.

Independent voters in states like North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia are in a bind. Even though many of them voted for Obama last election, they don’t like his wimping out to Republicans and they would like to vote third party. But the way our antiquated electoral system is set up, any one of the voters in a few key states may decide whom will be president. I wonder how it would make me feel to know my single third party vote caused Romney to be elected president?

Pogo for Prez!

May your day be filled with visions of Tammy Faye Bakker!

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Arney store

The photo is a different view than I’ve posted before of the store I wrote about a few times in the blog. It was in easy walking distance of where I was born and raised I spent a fortune (a fortune to a little boy in the early 1950’s) in small change for candy, ice cream, and sodas  The store remained in business until the late 1950’s when my cousin opened his own store/service station a bit closer to where I lived and both buildings are still standing today. I would like to get inside this one; I have a feeling there is a picker’s delight in there. Pic was made on Oct. 23, 2008.

From what I saw and heard from last night’s presidential debate, Romney is endorsing many of Obama’s policies. MSNBC is claiming Obama won big in the exchanges between the candidates and Fox News is saying Romney didn’t lose any ground.

Sammy is still sick with a cold and now Carolyn and Chris are feeling bad. My nose is starting to run.

Have a Tuesday!

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