“Joy to the fishes …”

I had a video picked out but XP crashes nearly every time I try to play one. For entertainment, just hum a few bars of Joy To The World while blog surfing.

Avatar! Finally I watched Avatar last evening. Tammy said that when she watched it she could not tell much difference in DVD and Blu-ray quality and I will agree; I have a TV designed for Blu-ray and I cannot see any major improvement. Of course, my TV is only a 40″ and maybe Blu-ray should be seen on a much bigger screen. Also, maybe the 3-D might make a difference, but most people say it degrades the quality on TVs. Anyway, I will be watching mostly DVDs as long as they are available which should be a long time to come. As for the Avatar movie itself, the special effects are the movie; the storyline isn’t great. Sigourney Weaver never ages. Only three out of five stars is my rating. Avatar 2 is due to be released in 2016.

Have a Tuesday!



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“Monday, Monday; can’t trust that day”


Carolyn has gone to take Ashley to work and we will have Sammy with us today. He is sunshine.
The weekend began very well and ended in disaster.
Occupy Oakland is for the most part being peaceful and law-abiding; if the cops would act the same way there would be little violence in the protests. Being a presidential election year, this all should be interesting. Any Republican candidate will come out against Occupy and Obama is also owned by the one-percent therefore he won’t say much that will stem the flood of money coming into his reelection kitty. He will probably receive more corporate dollars than most Democrat hopefuls would; unless there is a major disaster to waylay him, he should easily beat anything the Right has produced so far to run against him.
Have a good Worshday!

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Sun Sunday

I caught a cup of sunshine but I spilled some on the floor

Happy and sunny Sunday!


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Little Wing by SRV

Cop a buzz, do a little dance, make a lotta love …
It’s Saturday Night!

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Gathering at the river

Looks like I am going to have to upgrade my Windows OS from a 2002 edition of WinXP Home up to Win7 Professional. XP is giving me a lot of problems but before I shell out $139 for the OEM I am going to attempt to allow CCleaner to unclutter the Registry. I’ve used registry cleaner-outers before and always ended up with an unbootable or unstable PC on which I had to reinstall the OS. I have to use Win7 Pro because I have one program that will not run on Win7 Home edition and I have to have it; it is the accounting program for Carolyn’s business stuff. Win7 Pro has a built in XP “virtual machine’ which allows my 2005 copy of Quickbooks (QB) to work. Win7 Home—if I could use it—costs $89. Microsoft knows how to make money. Of course, I could buy an upgrade of QB to the latest edition but it has a price tag of $159. I would then reinstall XP and hope for the best. Intuit, the makers of QB, also know how to make money. Linux doesn’t have a decent single-entry accounting software package; if it did, I would never use Windows again. If I go missing for a few days pretty soon; you will know I an cussing my way through a Windows and needed software install or reinstall. I have Linux on my Droid and on my laptop which will allow me to access the net when I need a fix of compassion from you, my friends.

I am still working on taxes and will try to keep XP limping along until April 15.

Has anyone seen the movie Avatar? I got a Blu-ray copy just to see how good a picture the player and TV have with that format. I’ve never viewed a Blu-ray movie before but I have read that the improvement in video quality over a DVD is remarkable; we shall see.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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