Friday I go to outpatient surgery for a “manipulation” on my knee. Seems like the knee is locked up from scar tissue around the implants. As I understand it, I will be sedated (asleep) for thirty-seconds. During that time, the surgeon will bend the leg inward far as possible and then he will lay it down, place his hands across the the knee cap, and forcibly crush the joint until the the scar tissue is busted up. Hopefully that will allow me to begin straightening the knee. I will be in outpatient therapy for awhile. I really don’t understand why I was hospitalized in a rehab ho-$-pital for a month without this being diagnosed and over and done with. Six weeks since surgery and I am physically and mentally worse off than when all I had to care about was a sore knee.

I will write more as soon as I have some good news for a change. I do want to tell about my rehab encounters with a witch.

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Saturday alone

Deer in backbyard last evening. I’m itching to do some shooting with Pentax.

Most robins have quietly migrated south. Mornings are melancholy without their songs.

I miss each of you!


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Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

After a month in rehab, the food I asked for when I got home was peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So fine!

Sammy and Mason came by not long after I arrived home. I had to use the toilet and when Sammy first saw me he grinned so big. pointed at me, and ran off to tell his mama. I trust it was because he was glad to see me and not because I was on the pot. Either one, I was the happiest man in the world. Mason has forgotten me but I hope to see him more and make up for lost time.

The knee is coming along so-so; very sore up to my crotch. The therapists are working me harder at home than they did in rehab. I am closely watching for infection.

I have a few days to work by myself before a therapist comes back on Monday. Tuesday I deal with the steps once more when going to surgeon for checkup.

Taking rat poison for a blood clot in my knee; it seems to be dissolving safely but I will have to be on the med for at least three more months. A nurse just now left me after doing a blood test and taking my vital signs. All were ok.

I know all this is boring but it is my way of coping and trying to make sense of things. I still see no future without crutches but I do see a better future even with them.

I may be late answering your comments but be assured I eagerly read and appreciate all of them.

Have a good weekend, dear ones.

My Boys

Mason trying to crawl Silly Sammy

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Evil TV preachers beg and pray for viewer’s money.



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