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About the author of Loose Laces and Brass Tacks blogs:
I was born in summer of 1944 in rural Washington County, Tennessee USA.
I have been married to my first wife for 47 years as of June, 2011.
I enjoy writing, reading, and photography … I am much better at reading than at the other two vices. I have had a couple of short stories published in low-volume magazines.
I am a hillbilly by birth and a hick by nature.
I am curious.
I like living near a small city but do not like the restrictions of urbanity; I do like the freedom of country life. I am a warm-weather person.
I have three children, four grandchildren, and one great grandson.
I am a semi-war baby in that I was born two years too early to be considered a real war baby. My dad went AWOL from paratrooper boot camp in late 1943 and he and my mom managed to conceive me in the back seat of a car.
Religion: I was raised in a Christian home, but no one there except my mom was serious about it. We lived in my grandmother’s house until about 1953 when we moved to several different rental houses over the next few years. My dad finally got a decent paying job in a glass factory around 1956 and he, along with my important help, began building a house across the street from my grandmother’s. We moved in in 1958. Also that year, I was baptized into Christ but promptly forgot about it except when my mom was on her bully pulpit which seemed to be every Sunday morning and evening and on Wednesday evenings when it came time to get ready to attend church. To my mother’s indignant dismay, I haven’t darkened the door of a church to worship or pray since the day I turned 18 years old.
Politics: I was brought up as a Republican, but by 1962 when I realized President John F. Kennedy was not a child-eating Catholic devil, I changed my stripes and became a hardcore liberal Democrat which lasted until 1984 when I realized Democrats in Congress had no backbone. I still voted Democratic through the 2004 election when I said enough is enough and now I no longer vote. I am still one of the few hardcore liberals but none of us run for high office.
I graduated from Jonesboro High School–Home of the Tigers–in May of 1963. I was supposed to graduate in 1962 but I didn’t see eye-to-eye with algebra classes and managed to fail the course three times, once in summer school where no one failed anything if they bothered to show up for classes. I showed up for class and still exited the session as a chronic dunce. I went back to school in 1963 to make up my credits with a woodworking shop class and a mechanical drawing class; pie in the sky courses as I unabashedly brown-nosed the teacher. In January of that year, I got a job a Klopman Mills–a manufacturer of textiles–where I worked second shift so I could attend my school classes each morning. My parents twisted my arm and made me take their two-year-old car off their hands at no cost to me and in June, my dad went with me to the local Chevrolet dealer and I drove away in a new, black with red interior 1963 Chevy Impala convertible. The parents let it be known that they had free use of the car anytime they wanted and any plans I had were trumped by their own. In 1980, I attended classes at East Tennessee State University, intending to graduate with a degree in biological science. I ran out of money after completing 50 semester hours and when the fall semester of 1984 began, I was completely out of school.
In March of ’63, I met the girl I would eventually marry in far away 1964. In 1965, her dad got me into the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers as an Apprentice Wireman electrician. I spent more than four years learning the trade via classroom and on the job training. In 1970, I left home for a life of tramping the the roads as a Journeyman Wireman doing heavy construction work wherever the money was best. However I kept an umbilical cord solidly attached to my Tennessee home and returned there on weekends when I wasn’t working too far away to do so. I kept working as an electrician either on construction or factory maintenance until 1980 when rheumatoid arthritis became bad enough that I could not hold onto a job. I’ve also worked as a carpenter’s helper and learned a lot about home building.
I bought my first “computer” in 1997 although it was by no means a PC. It was a second-hand Texas Instruments TI 94/A–check the staggering specs here–and learned a bit of BASIC computer language. In 1991 I purchased my first real PC and in 2002 I began assembling my own computers from parts bought online. I have been using the internet since 1992 when I had to use dial-up long-distance telephone and Compuserve to connect. In 1993 America Online (AOL) came into our area with a good email client and chat rooms which specialized in social diseases* and I soon joined the service. I joined Flickr in March, 2006, and started my first blog in January of of 2007.

*Gonorrhea of the wagging tongue, Clap of the loose lip, and congenital foul-mouth syphilis.

… to be continued …

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  1. Love these all details. Thanks for them 🙂

    • Thank you for reading them. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Ken, for let us to know you a little better. I like your way to tell your story. I’m a little younger but I have many common points with you, specially when you say you like living near a little city or when you say… Thanks, again, and have a big hug from your friend.


  3. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting, Albert. I think this may be the first time I’ve told the truth about myself. A big hug for you, my friend. 🙂

  4. I like it……………

    • Thanks … the truth shall set me free … 🙂

  5. Enjoyed that Ken, you are a fellow Liberal, glad to know more about you,

    • Thanks, Sandy. I was raised conservative but J.F. Kennedy changed me.
      Thanks, Sandy.

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