Male robin

I ain’t much on premonitions, but I had a feeling I was going to see  a robin today. I went into the office, opened the blinds, then sat and watched for awhile; the sky is mostly overcast but the world has an impending springtime look to it. After a few minutes, I saw them; a pair in a tree across the street. In just a moment they dropped to the ground and began the hunt which was very successful, it seems; leaves were being flipped and bugs and worms were being eaten.  I grabbed the Pentax and went on the porch where I was able to shoot he pair from long distance at a grainy ISO 400. I brought the camera back to the pc and took a look at the results; not very good but not terrible under the circumstances. As I was about to upload one to the blog, I turned and again looked to see if maybe I had one closer, stalking in my yard. Sure enough, there was. I put the card back into the camera and once more hobbled to the door, this time I was afraid to go onto the porch because early birds are skittish. I made a few shots through the glass and the one above is typical, shot at ISO 200; it is a huge crop. The most unusual thing about the robins is the pair across the street were male and female and they stayed together. In normal circumstances, the males always arrive here about two weeks prior to the females, and begin establishing their mating territories. So, I have learned something new this year and the last worsh day in January has turned out well.

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Friend Kevin is finding some fine musicians and singers


I became so busy doing taxes yesterday morning I forgot all about having my hair cut; I almost missed the ballgame which, by the way, the Tennessee Lady Volunteers won … handily. The S.E.C. conference is not very stong this year, but still I look for my ladies to lose at least one league game.


This is the first year I can remember when I did not watch some NFL football games; nary a one did I see. One score befuddled me, though; Mark’s Tampa bay team was easily whipped at home by the Detroit Lions. Everyone beats the lowly Lions!


Mark is looking to buy his first house which can be a trying and intimidating process. I hope he picked out a pretty real estate agent to show him around the hoods.

Have a great worsh day, dear souls.

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Dumbed weekend


I am and I feel very distracted this weekend; as if nothing will hold still long enough for my mind to focus on it; probably tax burnout syndrome.
In a few minutes, I shall abandon the PC for the porch where my bride will give me a haircut; my last one was in late summer or early autumn. She is a dangerous woman when she has sharply-pointed scissors in her grasp.
I have it bad! I even dreamed about robins last night! I dreamed I was out shooting and came upon a huge puddle that had robins bathing and there were many ring billed sea gulls around! The temps were very mild yesterday and promise to be better today; of course I was stuck inside doing more year-end taxes and will have to do more today; they must be sent to their respective destinations before Tuesday!
Being out shooting is becoming only a dream. In just a year it has gone from three-to-four-times each week downward to none since late October. The knee has forced me to stay home so much that now I don’t look forward to getting out. I hope a dose of warm spring will cure that malady.
Today on TV, I plan to watch the Lady Vols play a good Arkansas team; I am torn between watching the game and getting out shooting. I still need to stay here where I can get some work done, as does Carolyn.
At 2:00 this morning I finished reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. As do most mystery thrillers, the book deals with sex and murder. It is a long tome and could easily have been divided into two novels as their are two separate story lines and two protagonists, although these two characters intertwine their lives to solve a mystery. If you ask, I will tell you all I know about the mystery except I will not tell how Harriet Vanger died and how her brother, Martin, died; you must find that on your own. One important clue told at the beginning of the mystery solving is ignored throughout the book and is mentioned again only in passing after the fact. This is poor plotting on the part of the author because he goes into needless detail about other things while ignoring the obvious; he and the reader would have been better served if he had never mentioned it. Hint: flowers.
Have a nice week, my friends.

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Jesus On The Wire

Run-down church, red clay

River covered in a smoky haze

Sunday morning, the fires out

Sunday morning, no one about

The earth is soft, this time of year

Boots get caked from there to here

Down the road, route 25

Found this boy barely alive

(Chorus) Jesus is on the wire

So far away, higher and higher

Took him down, off a fence

Cold as ice, almost dead

They said that he slept with guys

They said that he was gonna die

(Chorus) Jesus is on the wire

So far away, higher and higher

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West bound at sundown

Taxes! Dammit!

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