Politick … tick … tick … tick

Democrats are as blind as Republicans. Some of my FB pals are blaming G.W. Bush in entirety for T.A.R.P. bailout of Wall Street. They don’t seem to remember Obama and McCain both making big productions of sacrificing campaign time to rush to Washington, D.C. to vote “YEA” for the giving away of America’s future. These Democrats are more worried about a vote for the Green Party hurting Obama than they are about what is right and what is wrong. If Obama loses, he will have done so on his own merits.

I decided I would vote this year; I was so pissed in 2008 that I pouted and did not do so. This year I am still mad at the political setup and I am still pouting, but I will vote for the Green Party anyway. In Tennessee, it won’t make any difference; whichever Republican runs for president will get the state’s electoral votes. Mine will be a vote of protest against an archaic and failed system.

Have a fine Thursday!

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Our wandering kids in front of L.A. skyline

Jeremy and Courtney seem to be doing fine in their California digs. He is having a good time with his music where it is having an impact on the local scene. We love ya, young’uns!

Not much else going on today in the hills; hot outside with rain again possible.

Have a Tuesday!

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Rosa Parks we need You

This country needs a new-era Rosa Parks; someone who has enough gumption to lead the non-wealthy from the grimness at the back of the financial bus to a place of equal opportunity for anyone willing to work for it. Americans have for many, many years worked harder and produced more per capita than any other nation in the world and we need someone to stand up and show the public why our so-called ‘Free Trade’ policy has not and will not work unless it encompasses Fair Trade. If free trade should become fair trade, of course prices will rise but so will job availability and wages. We will once again be able as a nation to compete with anyone in the world.

I think Carolyn has given up; she decided she wants more television channels especially after I told her the Republican convention would probably be on all the main local networks this week. She has decided on the most inexpensive cable package with internet and phone; we don’t need the phone but it is the cheapest way to go and after a year she can drop the phone part of the package. We don’t even own a land-line type telephone.

My new shoes are getting the last laugh; I now have an infected blister on my right bunion and am having a heck of a time getting it to heal.

Have a splendiferous Worshday!

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Dust in the wind

Sammy was over yesterday to use his swimming pool; he had a lot of fun and Ashley made a few photos of him. Earlier, he made his first visit to the fair and he was not impressed. He paid no attention to the animals and rides and didn’t even like cotton candy.

The passing of Neil Armstrong is being noted and lamented around the world; he was the right man for the time.

A bit of good news on our economic situation; one of Carolyn’s old accounts wants her back. It is only a three evening per week job but right now, every little bit helps. She has only three more payments and her work van will be free and clear. That is another $400 per month we hopefully won’t have to worry about.

Yesterday I downloaded The Lord of the Rings all in one volume. Haven’t read it since high school. A couple of weeks ago I read Ghetto Diary by Janusz Korczak, a beautifully written account set in WW2 of the final sad days of most of the remaining Warsaw Jews in Nazi death camp. This is a heart-breaking story we should all read and understand. I also read The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin. It has good lessons for all of us.

Have a good week a-comin’!

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Summer’s end

One of the bridges which is located in a part of Warsaw’s Łazienki park called ‘Ogród Belwederski’. Jola’s photo.


I like making photos in late summer. Weather has usually moderated to where it isn’t too hot to spend some time in the sun and humidity isn’t so oppressive to keep us reaching for a hanky or bandanna to wipe our faces. And then there is the sunlight which speaks of summer’s end. The lower seasonal angle of the sun along with thousands of leaves have softened the bright sunlight and bestowed that peaceful, easy feeling that is the hallmark of warm weather. Lots of open lawn, a whispering stream with hungry ducks, and kids to enjoy it; what could be better for soul-survival of young and old? Thank you Jola for allowing me to use your fine photo.

I bought Sammy his first real book; Shel Silverstein’s A Giraffe and a Half. Now to get him still long enough to read it to him.

Not much planned this weekend; I am have a bit of fluid buildup and do not feel the greatest but it ain’t near as bad as it was when the RA pills were not helping.

Have a great Saturday!

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