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Christmas cookie man

Christmas cookie man

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 Mark recommended that we watch Marwencol, a documentary about a man who suffered serious head trauma which caused him to mostly forget his previous life and and he had to create a new life for himself. His ensuing photos and the stories to go with them has made him one of the best photographers of our time. After watching the flick last evening, I too recommend seeing this dramatic new life and real life of make-believe; I surely found a bit of myself in Marwencol and I believe you will see reflections of yourself, also.

Have a great Wednesday!

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December nears and I still haven’t seen a snow flake for this winter season. Suits me fine. Skies are gray and threatening but fortunately it is a bit too warm to snow.

Hope this Jack and the Beanstalk type movie turns out to be at least decent. I like giants¬† now but at one time I feared them. When I was a small boy living at grandma’s house there was a giant lived in the community. Charlie Malone once ran a sawmill at the corner of our road and Boones Creek Road. When he had no more room to make huge piles of sawdust, he closed down and moved on to another site. However, when he left, the giant moved in. I never did figure out just where the giant was living under the sawdust but I do know he was there and that he was big and hairy and ugly. Many times after I went to sleep at night, I would walk down the hill to play in the sawdust and as soon as I became immersed in my doings, the giant would suddenly appear, reaching for me and roaring with all his might. I was always able to get away from him and run to the safety of home but he has remained with me all my life. After I got a bit older, I stopped dreaming about him and began playing in the sawdust a lot with other local boys but I never did stop believing that somewhere beneath the piles the giant was waiting for me. Even after the sawdust caught fire and burned away, I could shut my eyes and see the reaching, gnarly hand of the big man.

Have a Tuesday!

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Sunday’s child


My life has been very dull lately which is not good for an ‘up and at em man’. However, I ain’t so much the ‘shake a leg’ type person these days as I used to be so I guess I can live with laying in bed an extra hour some mornings. I dream the dreams of passionate lovers, dragon slayers, courageous warriors, and little boys.

Very dry autumn this year with outside burning banned in most local areas. Several forest fires are being fought in the mountains, one near Hampton where I’ve done a lot of photo shooting. The little church I shoot (photo above) a lot in autumn is nearby as well as the beauty of Watauga lake.

I’m glad I don’t have to do Christmas shopping; being broke makes everything so simple.

Have a great week coming!

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The Holidays begin … the Year begins to end

The Occupy movement is still paying dividends. We got word today that one of Bank of America’s two branches in Johnson City will be closing in February. Credit unions and small local or regionally owned banks are doing good here, especially credit unions; new branches are popping up everywhere. I can’t help but think that Occupy’s calling attention to the misdeeds of cold, corporate Wall Street entities had at least something to do with this. Our local Occupy picketed Bank of America more than once last year.

Did you ask me what the worst song I ever heard was, excluding opera? In case you did and I forgot to reply, it is Achy Breaky Heart. That song shakes my nerves and rattles my brain. I hate the song, I hate the singer, I hate the song writer, and I especially hate line dancing. Line dancing would puke a buzzard off of a gut wagon. As for opera, I just plain don’t understand Italian lyrics and I don’t know why they have to scream them. I understand screaming vocals at a rock concert but why do opera singers have to yell their words to a hushed audience. Recently, I have found one fine exception; it is a commercial jingle on TV for J. G. Wentworth. High Opera at its best!

Have a good Thanksgiving, my friends … where ever you are.

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