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The recent seizure of Associated Press telephone documents is the most chilling thing I can remember being inflicted upon the citizens of this once great country by our own government, even worse than Watergate and Iran-gate. How low can Obama and his cronies go? How stupid can he be? First, he (his administration) has the Internal Revenue Service unlawfully making life difficult for his political enemies and now he has been caught restricting freedom of the press; both of these acts are deplorable, unconstitutional, and impeachable. I cannot wait until this evening to see how MSNBC’s top guns (Obama lovers) handle this one. If the president is allowed to get by with this grievous political move, it will eventually mean that citizens will have to turn to illegally published underground papers for a few grains of truth about our rulers. If we allow this abomination to persist, we are building our own Iron Curtain.

Barbara Walters is retiring from her celebrity interviews. Goodbye.

My thanks to Mark for the music video.

When the president decides something on Monday, he still believes it on Wednesday – no matter what happened Tuesday.
~Stephen Colbert




Here is a link from Maggie’s blog which is very interesting
President Obama writes his daily to-do list in the Oval Office:

  • Hug Hillary
  • Hug Michelle
  • Hug Geithner
  • Shake hands with Joe the vice-president guy
  • Orange juice, grits, and jammy toast for breakfast
  • Kill some foreign terrorists
  • Kill some Americans who may be terrorists
  • Wink at Hillary
  • Kiss some corporate ass
  • Kiss some Israeli ass
  • Kiss some Saudi ass
  • Ignore Pakistan
  • Ignore all of Africa
  • Ignore South America
  • Continue ignoring Cuba
  • Threaten Syria
  • Make a decision about some minor something and smile for camera recording event
  • Call the Pope and ask if he has heard from God today
  • Call Pat Robertson and ask if has heard from God tomorrow
  • Smile at Hillary
  • Call Donald Trump’s office; when he comes on the line, laugh and hang up
  • Call Putin and ask for more vodka
  • Order vacation brochures from S. Pacific Islands
  • Do anything to keep Hillary off my ass
  • Lunch salad bar with Boehner; beg if I have to
  • Afternoon golf with P.A.C. chairpersons
  • Evening meal with family if they are around
  • Watch The Jeffersons reruns on TV
  • Catch late Fox News
  • Do a presidential pee, salute and go to bed
  • Lewd suggestions to Michelle and thank God she isn’t Hillary
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“a plack for your thoughts …”

Corby's "Plack" Shop

Carolyn is working awhile this morning and I am editing the last of Sunday’s photos. They ain’t great but they are satisfying to my need to shoot and edit.

I have several photos converted to b/w and have them in a special account on Megashot.  I know you are anxious to see them.

Megashot has surpassed the 4,000 registered member mark. Mark’s Black and White Community is one of the most popular on the site.

Obama is such a lying snake in the grass; I don’t know who he is depending on to reelect him; he has alienated the young, the middle class, and the higher educated groups. Unions don’t like him, geezers are very suspect of him, environmentalists don’t trust him,  and the One-Percent hate him. Fortunately for the president the only person he has to beat is a shaky Mit Romney it seems, and it is beginning to look doubtful if Obama can even do that. He had better come up with something new; if he stands on his four-year record, he will surely lose. Occupy may be his worst enemy.

As for the above photo, I wonder if the guy was wanting to spell the word “Plaque” instead of “Plack”? Lord Google tells me that Plack is a small Scottish coin worth less than a penny. I love the Hillbilly Way.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Happy Birthday, Vanessa!!!

Nolichucky sunshine

Today is Vanessa’s (Alice’s daughter) birthday. It would also have been Vanessa’s father’s birthday and Alice and Fred’s wedding anniversary. Sadly, Fred left us 31 years ago, forever altering the lives of his family and friends.
With his “the tax the rich” proposal, President Obama has set himself a superb opportunity to finally be a leader instead of a mere fence-straddling politician. I’m betting on more compromising and lip service.
I probably will not finish the possum story today and I know you are heart broken to hear that bit of news. My fingers are a bit better today and I think I will wait until tomorrow to put them to work. Actually, I use only two fingers for typing; my middle finger on my left hand and my ring finger on my right hand. That is a better situation than what I used to have; I had only one workable digit for typing.
Have a Worshday of happiness!

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Politikin’ time

I watched excerpts from Obama’s tax speech of last evening. The tax cuts are good … if you have a job and intend to use the extra money to buy goods. $450 billion is a lot, but compared to the first $800 billion stimulus which was largely ineffective at invigorating the economy by job creation—although it did save a lot of jobs—it will do very little to create good or long-lasting jobs. It all boils down to pandering to Republicans once again. If I were Obama, I would have proposed at least twice as much as he did and then rubbed the screaming, knee-jerk nay sayers nose in it on the campaign trail. Obama has yet to understand that Americans desperately need a leader in the White House and not a middle-of-the-road compromiser. Grab you Vaseline jars and bend over America; you know what is coming once again.

Firefox gave me a pop-up yesterday saying my flash player was old and could cause my computer to crash. I installed the latest edition of Adobe’s flash player, cruised over to You Tube and mucked around with some videos and what do you know; it crashed again. Since Mark is having a similar problem, I have concluded it is Firefox defect. Therefore, I am doing today’s blog from Google Chrome browser. Chrome is the fastest of the “big three” browsers but my complaint is that it does not have s sidebar for my bookmarks; instead, it uses an aggravating dropdown menu for them. However, several bookmarks can be placed along the top beneath the address bar so that if a pseson does not often use a lot of them, it is ok once you get used to it. I’ve heard that the next generation Chrome browser will have an oprion for a sidebar. Also many of your favorite Firefox plugins also have Chrome versions … such as Scribfire from which I am writing this blog.

I’ve been geeky aplenty this week, so I will attempt to make my future blogs a bit more upbeat and relative to “normal”.


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