Happy Day

Sammy was with us yesterday and was wired to walk. He still has to have a helping hand for balance, but he is getting better at it each day. I was in my desk chair and he had hold of my left thumb; he started walking and around and around we went until he decided it was enough and turned, changed hands and grabbed my right thumb and went the other direction for a few turns. He then went walking through the house several times with Carolyn’s and JJ’s help. By the time he had to go home, we were worn out but he had taken a long afternoon nap and was ready to go again.ImageImageImage

The photos were made with my f/1.4 50mm lens which I plan to use a lot more since my fingers have become so sore. It is lightweight and easier to keep around my neck for long periods. Sorry about using the flash; it is a necessary evil at times.

I planned to begin writing the body of my new story today, but for some reason I am a bit tired and have a sleep hangover; I downed half a Xanax last night and it put me down hard. I have 2.5 of the pills left in the bottle and no refills; soon, I will have to depend on Ambien. It works well and leaves less hangover, but for some reason I don’t trust it.

From Rocky Top to each of you; have a great Thursday!

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Fragile …

A bunch of talent in this erstwhile band.

Frosty this morning; 27°F (-2.7°C) at 4:00am. ‘I pity da fools’ who planted garden early.

Didn’t sleep well; woke up at 2:00am and never went back to sleep. Read some more of Bouton’s book and did a bunch of thinking. Don’t remember what I thought about but I’m sure it was deep and would have made the world a better place for all people. Now I am sleepy.

When Sammy was here Tuesday, he and I agreed; women are fickle. Well, at least he didn’t disagree. I look forward to a lot of long and meaningful talks with my Buddy.

One of my photos I like a lot (you probably will not like it) made Megashot’s Explore ‘Image of the Day’ yesterday in Architecture category. I have been fortunate to have garnered more than my share of photo awards on the site. On Flickr, I went more than three years without having a photo appear in their Explore feature.

Microsoft Windows XP did an update yesterday and it must have been a doozy. The harddrive with all my photos for the past 10 years was inoperable when I booted the PC this morning. The discs had a lot of other files and important stuff on them, too. Fortunately, most was backed-up to another drive and I lost only what I had done in the past two weeks. I think all of Sammy’s photos are safe but I must get another HD and transfer to it from the backups.

Have a pleasant Thursday!

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Weekend cometh

I love the Scottish thistle

Yesterday was a beautiful day weather-wise with temps about 70°F (21°C) under clear skies; today is supposed to be even warmer. I haven’t had a shot in two weeks and I am feeling the effects so I suppose I should get my ass in gear and get it done. Sunday, unless more tragedy falls into my life, I will definitely go shooting. Saturday, Jeremy is coming by for a few minutes and the Lady Vols play their first NCAA tournament game, therefore I will be hanging around the house most of the day.
Other than the weather fairing up, this hasn’t been the best week of my life journey. First we were worried sick about Keegan and are still not at ease with him so close to the escaping fission artifacts in Japan. Then another personal problem fell on me like a ton of brick, but I suppose, like most adversities I’ve faced over the years, I can overcome it or at least learn to deal with it. Man, I just can’t say enough about getting old.
Geriatric  Genius! We finally were able to get rid of our old and broken mattress. The springs in the old one began breaking a few years back, all on my side of the bed, of course. It had gotten to the point where I was forced to sleep very near the middle of the queen size bed but Carolyn always claimed the center so it left me but little room to even turn over. Last evening the new mattress arrived and it was in a bag. Yep, we went in debt and bought one of the foam mattresses similar to the ones advertised on TV. You know the commercials where everyone smiles after getting the most comfortable and restful sleep of their life on a hunk of foam rubber. So, after spending a night on the foam, here is my verdict: The damn thing works. I was surprised at the amount of gentle support and I slept more comfortably than I have in 20 or more years. The body-conforming foam does remove the pressure points that cause me to awaken every hour or so to turn over. For the first time in ages, Carolyn awoke without a backache.
Now we have to come up with new sheet sets; the old mattress was a quality brand and was nine inches thick; the new foam one is 11 inches thick and none of our fitted sheets fitted.
Have a wild and crazy weekend, my friends.

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