The way it was, 2013

Drummer Boy

Drummer Boy


I Wish For More!


The Wonder of it All

Awesome, Mama!

Awesome, Mama!


Mason the Elf

Sammy the Elf

Sammy the Elf

These photos were made by Chris at her house. You can about imagine how much toys and clothes the boys got at the grandparents houses.

Happy New Year, my Friends!

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Happy Birthday, Sammy!

Finished installing free AVG anti-virus on my Tab 2, Droid X, and Carolyn’s phone. Here is a Kaspersky article about growth and threats from mobile viruses. I still don’t feel safe but I do feel safer.

Yesterday was Master Sam’s second birthday; I wanted to do a blog for him but by the time the hospital medical establishment got through with me in my pre-op tests, interviews, and money rendering I was too tired for much of anything. I have an appointment with the surgeon assistant in a few days for more of the same. We stopped at Burger King for a late lunch and I had the Memphis pulled-pork barbecue sandwich and Carolyn had a barbecue rib sandwich. They both were good but should have been larger for a satisfying meal. Anyway, a belated Happy Birthday to my Big Boy!

Late Sunday my PC suddenly shut down; I was able to restart it but it was soon down again, finally coming to the point where it would not restart. I built the unit several years ago and was able to think my way through a bit of diagnostics, deciding the power supply had failed. I immediately ordered a new power unit from Amazon which I received on Tuesday. I already had the old supply removed and eagerly and temporarily plugged in all the connections and put electric to it. The PC started fine and has been working ever since. JJ permanently installed the new unit inside the PC and all is well in computer land. I am glad I did not have to build a new PC; I just do not have the money for it right now. As it is, it cost less than $50 for the repair, including one-day shipping for the power supply. A computer repair shop fix would have been in the range of $200 — $300.

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Happy Hump Day

Gotta love the camel

Happy Birthday Tammy. I am running late on everything lately.

I was back to doc on Monday; I will be recovering for a couple of weeks. Got another antibiotic shot and a cortisone shot. Butt ache by the numbers. She wanted me to check into hospital but I wormed my way out of it.

Now, my back hurts. RA, I suppose.

We gave Sammy his birthday present early; a Radio Flyer wagon. I wanted one like this when I was small but I was happy to get this one. It was still around in my teen years and was probably given to a cousin. I bought my kids one like it in late 1960’s. Sammy likes his.

I’ve found a couple of good photo ops if I can ever convince Carolyn to drive me to them. I spied them as we sped by when going to and from doctor.

Jeremy has added three more of my photos to the Walk of Art store; check them all out if you have a chance. He has also created a Facebook page for the store. I must say, the photographer is amazing.

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The boys have left us; they were with us for only just more than a week but I miss them. I miss Mason’s squeals of laughter in early morning; I miss Sammy playing in our bedroom every until he gets sleepy; I miss him pecking on our door to get us up. Carolyn cried for days after they left.

When kids get out of school for summer they turn around and go back for summer sessions of book lessons. When I was a school boy and out for summer, I learned many lessons by playing with my pals and roaming the woods, hills, and fields for a couple of months. I wonder if I ended up better educated than do today’s kids?

Referring to the present N.S.A. fiasco, instead of trying to cover their asses I think the powers should give us good reasons to trust them. They cannot. I really don’t know what the big surprise is about the domestic spying. Bush unabashedly bypassed the constitution to allow it and it was widely publicized as was Obama’s decision to expand surveillance at home and in foreign countries. If people had watched The Spy Factory on PBS’s Nova when it came out several years ago, it tells nearly everything that is just now being “found” by the popular press. The documentary can be seen online here or can be found on Netflix and other sources.

Referring to Mark’s diet, Carolyn and I ordered takeout cheeseburgers from the Cottage, my old time watering hole. It was Friday after I had chest x-rays. The burgers were huge and juicy.

I have a full-blown case of pneumonia in both lungs. So far, I am dodging a stay in hospital. Thursday at a doctor visit I had a nebulizer treatment which helped a lot and a shot in my butt.

Two months from diagnosis ’til death. My cousin and closest buddy from my teen years died Friday from leukemia. I will miss you Bull. “Bull” was my personal nickname for him. He was 67 years old.

We dodged a bullet, my friends. Friday 13 fell on Thursday this month.

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She was Prada’s and I was Chuck Tanners

My Roku has quit. I admit it was a mistake to buy the wireless-only version. Now I must shell out $100 to get the wired unit. Pisser. I like the Roku because it has so many channel choices; just last week they added PBS and it alone has enough to keep me happy for many months.

Sammy and Mason are here; I began writing this post before noon and it is now past 3:45pm; they keep us busy.

Have a weekend!



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