You gonna eat that cornbread

Heart doctor gave me the ok for medium-risk surgery, such as knee replacement. Waiting on his report to go through channels. Hopeful for surgery by early next month.

Maggie flattered the ‘aw shucks’ out of me by graciously placing one of my photos and a couple of my poetry attempts on her site. If you go there, do some clicking around; she is a multi-talented young lady. How she finds time for all her projects is a mystery to me.  Thank you, my friend.

Jeremy is building a storefront on which will feature my photo efforts. When he has it ready to view, I will let you know. What a good grandson; I don’t know what his future holds but I truly believe he will  become a great entrepreneur. He is another who gets a lot done in short time. Thank you, Grandson.

With all the hard news happening in the world, what was CNN featuring last evening? O.J. Simpson in a courtroom, of course. OJ had his fling 19 years ago; let it be, CNN.

Almost Friday …


Happy Day

Sammy was with us yesterday and was wired to walk. He still has to have a helping hand for balance, but he is getting better at it each day. I was in my desk chair and he had hold of my left thumb; he started walking and around and around we went until he decided it was enough and turned, changed hands and grabbed my right thumb and went the other direction for a few turns. He then went walking through the house several times with Carolyn’s and JJ’s help. By the time he had to go home, we were worn out but he had taken a long afternoon nap and was ready to go again.ImageImageImage

The photos were made with my f/1.4 50mm lens which I plan to use a lot more since my fingers have become so sore. It is lightweight and easier to keep around my neck for long periods. Sorry about using the flash; it is a necessary evil at times.

I planned to begin writing the body of my new story today, but for some reason I am a bit tired and have a sleep hangover; I downed half a Xanax last night and it put me down hard. I have 2.5 of the pills left in the bottle and no refills; soon, I will have to depend on Ambien. It works well and leaves less hangover, but for some reason I don’t trust it.

From Rocky Top to each of you; have a great Thursday!

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Gardens and lotteries and picnics … oh my!

Tammy's Lettuce

Tammy sent this pic of her beautiful, naturally grown lettuce; I am so envious. In front of the lettuce seems to be a row of radishes for me and a row of purple, delicious beets for Mark.

Carolyn bought five Mega-millions lottery chances; we’re still broke.

I went to have blood work done yesterday for RA doc; the phlebotomist came out to the car and stuck me so I wouldn’t have to crutch along; I thought that was very nice. She has been drawing my blood for many years.

Not far from the house, I saw a pic of an old, blooming apple tree I wanted but Carolyn wouldn’t stop; the light was good but not great. On the way home, she did stop but the sky had clouded with an approaching thunderstorm. The light made for excellent color saturation but a lack of shadows cause a flat look to the scene. I will post one of the pics later on. Jola posted a new pic on Flickr from her most recent Podlasie trip and I hope she will allow me to use it here.

Tomorrow we plan to picnic at Wilbur dam on the Watauga River. The weather is a bit iffy but unless it is raining constantly, I’m a goin’.

Weekend salutations, my friends.

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“a plack for your thoughts …”

Corby's "Plack" Shop

Carolyn is working awhile this morning and I am editing the last of Sunday’s photos. They ain’t great but they are satisfying to my need to shoot and edit.

I have several photos converted to b/w and have them in a special account on Megashot.  I know you are anxious to see them.

Megashot has surpassed the 4,000 registered member mark. Mark’s Black and White Community is one of the most popular on the site.

Obama is such a lying snake in the grass; I don’t know who he is depending on to reelect him; he has alienated the young, the middle class, and the higher educated groups. Unions don’t like him, geezers are very suspect of him, environmentalists don’t trust him,  and the One-Percent hate him. Fortunately for the president the only person he has to beat is a shaky Mit Romney it seems, and it is beginning to look doubtful if Obama can even do that. He had better come up with something new; if he stands on his four-year record, he will surely lose. Occupy may be his worst enemy.

As for the above photo, I wonder if the guy was wanting to spell the word “Plaque” instead of “Plack”? Lord Google tells me that Plack is a small Scottish coin worth less than a penny. I love the Hillbilly Way.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Garden goodness

View from the sitting rock

Lettuce bed and other goodies

Tammy sent along a couple of pics of her garden area. The bottom photo is the new lettuce bed enclosure that Mike built. I suppose the fencing is to keep the honest critters out of the veggies and flowers. Thanks, Tammy; looks like you will have a summer of hard earned goodness.

The weather turned from sullen to splendid in just a matter of minutes yesterday; around noon time most of the clouds went wherever it is that unloved clouds go. I sat on the porch busily sunburning my knees while Carolyn went to work for awhile. When she came home, she asked if I wanted to ride and see if I could find anything to shoot. “Hell, yes” was my instant answer so she packed us a couple of ham sandwiches and caffeine-free sodas and we were off to the environs of Telford, Limestone, and Chucky. I didn’t get a lot of pics and the light was nearly flat for the ones I got, but at least I got some and proved to myself that the camera still works fine. The problem I was having was related mostly to stupidity on my part and one camera setting that got changed somehow. My own problem was that I was using insufficient depth-of-field. On the Pentax, the auto-focus point had gotten reset from center-point to auto-find. Anyway, we spent more than two hours cruising the back roads in places where we had often been, yet I found things to shoot at that I had missed before. All the pics I got were made from the van’s open window and most are sharp as can be expected in the ubiquitous Tennessee hill mist. A couple were not so good; one of the Limestone train station made while we were parked on the RR tracks is a bit off but Carolyn refused to turn the van engine off while I was shooting and the camera picked up a bit of vibration. I will post some of the shots on my photo sites and on this blog.

Have a great Worshday, my friends.

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