A Feeling Called the Blues

Feeling a bit of age loneliness. People dieing around me; friends, family of friends, my family; it’s all a bit much. I’m filthy with the blues…

The blues is losing someone you love and not having enough money to immerse yourself in drink.
~ Henry Rollins
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Yesterday’s “Let’s get naked and get into a pile” is a quote that a friend of mine used to say at every party and get-together we had. He is the same friend that once asked me for permission to take dear Alice to the movies. Today, it may sound weird or silly for one friend to ask another friend if he cared if he asked another friend on a date, but under the circumstances of the time (and times) he was being countrified chivalrous and polite.
The Gang of 12 Senators and Representatives being chosen by political party leaders to decide how to further screw American taxpayers in this so called budget crisis seems to be coming together as one might expect. Much bickering and very little positive results will come of it and in my uneducated opinion, it is all most likely unconstitutional anyway. They are giving 12 people the right to do what all of them are supposed to do, according to our Constitution. This is so biased as to not be funny because the 12 will first listen to their particular constituents (I hate that word) and that is going to leave nearly all taxpaying Americans out of any decisions that will affect us for years to come.
Silly municipal ordinances like this one are a big part of America’s sickness. Let’s all eat store-bought, processed eggs provided to us by some faceless Big Agriculture conglomerate who gets government subsidies and doesn’t have to pay taxes. Phooey!
The photo is courtesy of Jola and was made by her husband during their weekend getaway to Poland’s Podlasie and Biebrza National Park. I like rusty fences and old fence posts.
Have a splendiferous Wednesday!

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Meek weekend

Stupid name!

What a wild and wooly weekend (sarcasm)! Except for two hours Saturday afternoon, I sat on my ass at the house. The two hours of reprieve came when we went to the market along the river and then to downtown JC where I got the mill pic and the one above. It felt good just to shoot! We planned to go to Jonesborough yesterday evening but the missus was in a bad mood because trees were blocking the satellite signal; no TV Criminal Minds dramas induces doom and gloom and I duck for cover. Ashley is back to normal, the bleeding she incurred Friday tapered off over the weekend and we are not yet g.grandparents. The little feller isn’t due until around July 25, but most wise heads and sages are saying it will come early. His name is to be Samuel Seaton Bishop. Seaton???
I missed an opportunity to meet Mark and Tammy and Mike; I feared that if they traveled over the hill, we would be called to hospital with Ash. I am truly sorry my friends; next opportunity–come hell or high water–we shall meet if you still want to; I surely do. I was just thinking; I’ve never been to Florida. Mark can come over at anytime. A trip for us to his house would go through North Wilkesboro, NC; it is the area my Phillips ancestors left around 1796 to come to The Promised Land.
I took time away from my hectic schedule to do some more writing last evening; I created about 450 almost fully edited words. The Paradise Club story is partly biographical set in a typical time when I was younger and a little more foolish and will probably have 4,000+ words when finished; it now stands at 2,900 and many of them are two or more syllables!
Have a Tuesday!

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