Must It Forever Be A Dream …

My thoughts are that America is more divided than it has been since 1960’s. However it isn’t split by racial makeup alone. Since so many of the racial and ethnic killings and beatings by police are being made public via video, people of all races are coming together to protest and decry the brutality by the lawmen whom we expect to protect us. I have vivid memories of newscasts showing devastating riots in many American cities after Martin Luther King’s assassination in 1968. His murder and ensuing revolts are the cause for his words and deeds to finally be taken to heart by so much of the public which had previously been blinded by selfish uncaring. The murder of Robert Kennedy also caused rioting in many of the same communities just two months after Dr. King died. Some of these riots were not specifically racist; they were groundswell demands for justice and equality for all. It took great destruction, violence, and many deaths to teach America a painful and long needed lesson. It also took courage stemming from sorrow and despair. Hopefully the present unrest will be assuaged in peace with a new trust in justice for all of us. Martin Luther King’s dream echoes from his grave.


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  1. True, I feel sad and mad and hopeless at this stage of my life because I thought this would get better, I feel fearful for my mixed race great Grandchild (half black), but have already lost one mixed race (native American) Grandson to violence 12 years ago.
    The Powers that be do not seem to care .

    • Too much of America is turning a blind eye on reality.
      Thanks, Sandy

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