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Pretty Walk

“Pretty papers, pretty ribbons of blue …” sings Roy Orbison in his 1963 recording of Willie Nelson’s Pretty Paper. A long shelf brimming with bright, multicolored papers met us yesterday as we neared the front of the store. Beside the many shades of greens, reds, whites, with a few blue rolls of holiday wrappings were bags of assorted and fancy ribbons which may have been even more brilliant and and eye-catching. All this adorned the outdoors walkway of the produce market which just a couple of weeks ago teased our eyes with fresh vegetables and fruits which were just as colorful as the Christmas fripperies. Now, we go inside to shop for produce and outside for our gift wrapping “needs”. It is still almost three weeks until Thanksgiving but stores cannot wait to capture every dime a spontaneous shopper might be willing to give up for Christmas cheer. Maybe they will have some real reindeer poop around the market the next time we visit.

Above is another of my Wednesday cell phone photos.

Breaking Bad redux. In Albuquerque, NM — the city where the popular TV series Breaking Bad was set — a local pastor reported that his church on wheels as stolen. In my mind’s eye, I can see Walt and Jessee out in the desert cooking meth in it. Is it not written that a holy man who casts his lot with a wheeled sanctuary has spewed his seed on the wind?

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