This video is for Sandy. I think I like this orchestra version better, though.

After two very warm days it has turned cool and rainy again. We could have snow showers Saturday.

Sammy says he wants to leave and go to Florida and take Granny and Papaw with him. Mason is talking in full sentences now and singing up a storm. Jaden is taking a few steps alone. It is hard to believe that Sammy will be old enough for pre-school next year. Gods help his teacher if he goes.

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  1. Thanks Ken love it !
    Lost one of my first cousins today at 85. A very good gentle man, they are all
    going one by one, I am one of the younger ones.

    • Sad that you lost a first cousin, Sandy. My 1st cousins were like brothers and sisters for me being I was an only child.

  2. Love your family happiness. My heart enjoy your words concerning the boys.

  3. My heart enjoys . Sorry for this mistake.

  4. Florida and its warm waters would welcome you.

    • I may get to Florida yet.
      Thanks, Mark.

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