Starlight & Roses

Feeling much better today.

Sammy no longer allows himself to be called Sam or Sammy; he is now “Hammer”. All three of those boys are a caution.

Watched The Newton Boys movie t’other night. It was the most boring movie I’ve viewed in a long time. A bank robbing gang should be able to keep a person awake for part of the time but this one failed in a bad way.

Not a lot of really good flicks coming out of Hollywood these days. Not a lot of good actors, either. Most are so wooden in their roles that I wonder why they didn’t make an animated show to begin with. Shrek was a very good animation that seemed more real than do many regular movies.

Good Thursday …

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  1. I agree about the movies, we keep going back to the old ones, we have Netflix but even then it is hard to find anything good .

  2. Yep, the only way to enjoy Netflix is be a movie/tv junkie. I too still watch the classics.
    Thanks, Sandy.

  3. Good to read about them; the BOYS. You know I love them.

    • Beautiful Jazz.

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