“L.A.’s fine …”

LA from Griffith Observatory

LA from Griffith Observatory

Jeremy at Griffith Observatory

Jeremy at Griffith Observatory

More pics from Jeremy and Courtney. I like this view of  Los Angeles. They still have a smog problem but not as bad as it once was. I have seen older views from the observatory where downtown could not be made out because of the smog. The photo of Jeremy is very good, showing off his dreads and, considering the apparent time of day, I used a warming filter before uploading it. Thank you Jeremy and Courtney. You are becoming very good photographers.

We had our first official frost Sunday morning. Temperature was just at freezing point but the wind was briskly blowing at our house therefore no frost showed. Jerry lives in a sheltered mountain cove and he said it was fairly heavy at his house.

The day here began sunny but it is now raining, one of those cold showers akin to what well-meaning friends drag you into when they want to sober you up or like you do when you are horny and your wife says “hell no!”.

Have a fine week, my friends.


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  1. I have seen that view two times, once when I was 7 years old, went to LA by train from Oakland Ca and back during the war, remember it well and in 1969 when we went to Disneyland paid for by Dons Mom who lived in Hollywood. we drove down there 3 times that August because Dons mother had cancer and we had to make the trip two more times, one after she died to make arrangements and empty her Apt. It was so smoggy I could not draw a breath without coughing and the water tested awful, never been back, Guess the air has improved. I was born in the SF Bay area where there were and still are oil refinery’s (Standard Oil) and now and then they would let out bad air or have an explosion and I had to be taken as a baby out of town in the summer, we stayed on a lake over a 100 miles away. I was always getting sick with something mostly pneumonia, Still have respiratory problems but not as bad as when I lived in the Bay Area or Sacramento Valley. My Dad was born in the same town I was (Richmond) and had the problem all his life but he did manage to live into his 90’s. So anyway. I remember that view from there.

    • That is bad that you had such a tough time with the air pollution. It gets bad around here at times, too. Tennessee Valley traps air against the mountains and it is the reason the hills are called “The Smokies”. Hope you live longer than your dad, my friend.

  2. Beautiful photos. Congrats on them. Now you know who deserve for your Pentax.
    She expresses it directly, at least. And you have a clear situation. 🙂

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