Me at med school

Watauga River near Wilbur, Tennessee

Jeremy sent us several photos from California. As soon as possible, I will try to make a slide show and post it on the blog. He and Courtney have been hobnobbing with movie stars. Thank you, Grandson.

Big game tomorrow, an improved Tennessee squad takes on arch rival Florida. Knoxville will be rocking.

Friday is always a special day to most working folk, I suppose. I know it was for me. When I was working construction and tramping the highways, it had grand implications for several reasons. One was it marked the end of another work week and the beginning of a weekend. Another was it was payday. Most important was that I was going home to be with my family for  about forty hours before having to hit the road back to where ever I was working. I am tempted to look back on those days with rose-colored glasses but the reality was that leaving Carolyn and the kids early on Sunday afternoon was sad at best and at times it was heart wrenching. We that traveled like that mostly pined for a day when we could come home to work and be something akin to a normal family. My big break came when I was able to leave a job near Parkersburg, West Virginia and take a job at East Tennessee State University, working for a local contractor. Our purpose was to remodel the old student center into the new medical school. The job lasted only three months but was the best construction job I ever had, being very close to my home plus the excitement of being a part of the new school on a nice university campus. Little did I know that in just three years I would be attending day classes on the same campus.

Enough reminiscing … have a wonderful weekend.

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