Still learnin’ my lesson

A couple of people online have sure taught this old dog some lessons recently. Hope I have sense enough to live by what I’ve learned.

Ah, mid-week and I no longer have my Wednesday blues like I had for a few years. It is good to once again have purpose. I am finding it difficult to come away from Megashot and do the other things which have become part of routine.

I’ve been watching a documentary series on Roku PBS channel about Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and their respective rise to be presidents of the U.S. It is by Ken Burns and he always thoroughly researches his subjects. Being an American history student, I am getting a good education about the two admirable men.


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  1. We watch all the Roosevelt’s, Ken Burns always can be counted on to do a good job,
    What a group they are, still thinking about what we saw. My parents and Grandparents loved both FDR and Eleanor. I remember when he died, I was 8 years old, everyone was crying. We lived in a Navy town (Vallejo Ca) and everyone we knew was working for the government in some way. including my dad and uncles and aunts.
    It was well worth the 7 days of watching.
    It is raining here, that is good we need it !

    • I have seen only the first installment of the Roosevelt’s and I am hooked. I am still a New Deal Democrat even though the party has abandoned me to chase the almighty dollar.
      Our weather is now sunny warm days and cool nights.
      Thanks, Sandy.

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