Lovely autumn day in the hills. Flatland autumn is nice enough for some but in the hills, Nature seems to fold upon itself giving us much more beauty per area than anywhere else. I suppose everyone cannot be as lucky as me.

Let’s see, Friday last was my friend Fred’s birthday, Alice and his wedding anniversary, and their daughter Vanessa’s birthday. After 34 years since Fred left us, I still miss him as much as ever. If I am not mistaken tomorrow is Alice’s grandson’s birthday. Last Saturday was Carolyn’s birthday but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Is Google’s G+ doomed to the waste heap of bad ideas? Google has just stopped requiring people to sign up for the social service when they open a Gmail account. Most social site users are on Facebook and Twitter and do not want another service forced upon them. Without the Gmail tie-in, G+ growth will probably fall dramatically and sooner or later will morph into something else like MySpace did or be dropped altogether by Google. I hope they remove the G+ account requirement from Youtube, too. My videos there are what keeps me having a G+ account.

I am still having a great time on Megashot; if you haven’t joined us now is as good a time as any.

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  1. Glad you still are remembering all the Birthdays. If I don’t write them down, I forget when they are.

    • I am same way but I forget to write a lot of them down. I can’t tell you when my last two g.grandsons were born.
      Thanks, Alice 🙂

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