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A Few Steps to Heaven

A Few Steps to Heaven


I wonder if Apple and the band U2 are pondering what went wrong. Apple forced out the latest U2 music album to more than one-half billion customers. Even though the music is free, a lot of those iPhone and iPad users are plenty pissed. In fact, so much so that Apple had to release a special software tool for the removal of the music from devices of users. Personally, I don’t use Apple products and I don’t like the U2 band. Apple is just another arrogant big business whom think they can bully their way in the world. U2 comes off to me as being just plain arrogant. I’ve never liked their music and even though lead man Bono has talked some good deeds, he still turns me off.

I have for sale my Pentax DSLR camera. It is a 2008 model K200D and is in good shape and working order. I also have some K-mount lenses that fit this and just about any Pentax SLR camera ever made. They include an 18-250mm zoom, a 105mm macro, and a 50mm f1.4 prime lens. I also have various filters for these lenses which include polarizers for each of them. If interested, leave a note at

Be kind, my friends …

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  1. Somehow I missed that whole problem with U2 and Apple.
    Sleepwalking through life lately.

    • It was one of those tempests in a teapot things.
      Thanks, Mark

  2. Do you really want to sell your Pentax? Oh!!! I stopped making photos but I still hope that my love to the photography comes back to me. Forgive I haven’t been here for so long time. But now I’m going to read all your notes. I love you my American friend, especially in such moments where you’re so so sad.
    What about boys? Do they visit you? I know they are a joy for your heart. 🙂
    Please think once again over your camera. Maybe it”s not a good decision to sell it.

    • The boys are here each weekend.
      Thank you, Jola. 🙂

  3. Oh, I wrote a long comment and it vanished.:-(

  4. Oh, it didn’t vanish. It’s ok.

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