Thirteen years ago today America began to grow old. We spent two and one-quarter centuries in the exuberance of youth and the complacency of middle-age before the unfolding events of 9/11 jerked us out of our snug but mediocre existence and into the realm of fear which the rest of the world lives. However, if we are vigilant we need not fear. The government sure wants us to be remain scared of our own shadows. George Bush was elected president in 2004 when he ran on a platform of fear. We came to find out that he was the biggest threat to our way of life. If we want to do so, we can retake our government from the special interests that now run it. Wake up America; it ts once more time for us to assert the notion of We The People are in control just as the wisdom of our forefathers intended.

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  1. AMEN !

    • Amen to your amen, Sandy.

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