Dancing in the Moonlight

All is good in the hills even though autumn is bearing down on us as if we were deer frozen in its headlights.

The boys were here yesterday and were as always, enjoyable. However, as they are growing bigger, they are becoming more rowdy and are quarrelsome with each other. I don’t know how much longer we can stand to have them stay the day together. Carolyn and I were exhausted when they left us last evening. Maybe we will have to take a Sunday in turn for each of them.

Tonight is a full moon, a harvest moon, and a super moon. I think I may stand on the porch and moon passers-by in celebration. I too can show a super moon.

I have deleted more than one-thousand photos from Flickr and have about that many left there. I am in no hurry to shed them but in the end, they must go.

As much as I detest Facebook, I think it will be my home for socializing on the net. I have friends from Flickr and from Megashot there. I tried Google Plus but it is not for me. I am also trying video chatting and I like it pretty well.

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